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          Community Building Initiative                    Drumheller & District Regional
          This initiative is committed to building awareness and   Landfill / Recycling Facility
          developing key partnerships that will help to increase the   Located on Highway #10 East
          community’s capacity to care for children, youth and families.  Phone: 403-823-1345 Fax: 403-823-1345   TOWN SERVICES
          Phone: 403-823-1365                              Summer Hours: (May to October)
                                                           Mon.,Tue., Thurs., Fri. 8:00am - 4:30pm
          Drumheller Aquaplex                              Wednesdays 8:00am - 7:00pm
          See page 18 for full listing.                    Saturdays & Stat Holidays 9:00am - 5:00pm
                                                           Sunday & Canada Day - Closed
          Drumheller & Area Family Fun Night
                                                           Winter Hours: (November to April)
          Everyone Welcome! Family Fun Events: Once per month, Sept   Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
         - Apr, a free family event is planned. Free entertainment and   Saturdays 9:00am - 5:00pm
          snacks provided.
                                                           Sundays & Stat Holidays - Closed
          For information call: 403-823-1365. Partnered with: AHS-Mental
          Health, The Town of Drumheller, Golden Prairie Parent Link,   Recycling Hours & Location
          Drumheller Family Literacy, Drumheller Public Library, Healthy   Two locations: across from 7-11 and across from Subway
          Families and volunteers.                         Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

          Royal Canadian Mounted Police                    Volunteer Drumheller
          75 Riverside Drive, Mailing: Box 1030, Drumheller  Let us help you promote your volunteer opportunities or become
                                                           a volunteer.
          Emergency: 24 Hours a Day: 911 or 403-823-2630
          Administration & Information: 403-823-7590       Contact: 403-823-1315
          Fax: 403-823-7505                                8:00am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday
          See page 6 for full listing.

 Badlands Community Facility
  80 Veterans Way, Box 1599
 Drumheller, AB
 Phone: 823-1371    FAX: 823-1374    T0J 0Y0    Al Anon    Caregivers Make A Difference
 LIBRARY HOURS   For anyone with a family member or friend, dealing with   Why is it important that people come forward to be
                                                           caregivers? “There are families in our communities that need
  Mon, Fri & Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm / Tues, Wed &Thurs: 9:00am - 8:00pm   Closed Sun & Stat Holidays   alcoholism. Phone: 403-822-0008  us. They need our love and the positive influence we can bring to
 Core Programs   In-Library Services   Big Country Victim Services Association  their lives. Offering ourselves as caregivers is rewarded by the
                                                           knowledge that we actually are changing lives - meanwhile we
 Charlotte’s Web Tuesdays @ 2:30pm                 Children’s Corner   We are a non-profit society governed by a community Board   get to spend time with some amazing people.” - K. McDonald,
                                                           Region 4 Caregiver
          of Directors. Victim Support Workers are specially trained
 Craft with other knitters and crocheters,    Full of books, toys, colouring and a puppet theatre!     volunteers working directly with the RCMP to provide Information,   COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES
 and get help with your latest project   Support and Referral to Victims of Crime and Tragedy 24 hours   Why are Aboriginal caregivers important for Aboriginal
                                                           children in care? “If you are raising Aboriginal children, you
 Computer and Internet Access
         Crafternoon Tuesdays @ 4pm     We provide free computer and Wi-Fi access,    a day. If you would like more information about our free services   have to care, and that means you ‘walk the mile’ with them.
                                                           Building a relationship with the family and being welcomed by
        Crafts & read aloud novels for youth in grades 5-9   plus printing and faxing for a small fee.  Book an   or are interested in joining, please call. We care about how you   their Aboriginal community brings you closer to the children and
 appointment for free one-on-one tech tutoring.   are doing.  creates a stronger cultural support for them.” - A. Brown, Region
 Crafternoon Jr. Wednesdays @ 4pm   Phone: 403-823-4233 or 403-823-7590  4 Caregiver
 Crafts & stories for children K - grade 4
 Online Services                                           Consider becoming a caregiver. There are many options
 Alphasaurus Storytime Fridays @ 10am   Access digital resources with your library card: download   available to assist a child or youth. You can: 1. Become a foster
 For children aged 3-5 & their caregivers,    books, movies, music & magazines, or get help with   parent, 2. Become a kinship caregiver, 3. Provide a permanent
 focused on kindergarten readiness   homework, research, language learning and more!   home to a child or sibling group, 4. Help spread the word - that
                                                           foster parents, kinship caregivers and adoptive parents are
 Connect with the library on Facebook, Twitter or our Website (    needed!
 for information about our programs, events and services
                                                           For more information, please call 403-823-1767. For toll-free
                                                           service, first dial 310-0000.
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