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Here are the results of the downtown survey. You will also be able to see the panels at Town Hall from Thursday.

The next steps will be a check in with Downtown businesses and creating plans to look at implementing these ideas.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the surveys we appreciate your comments. 









Here are the details of free courses which are available to people who are interested in running for council.  These courses are organised by the Alberta Urban Municipalities  Association. 

Free Elected Officials Training


2017 Municipal Election
The next municipal election to be held in the Province of Alberta will take place on Monday, October 16, 2017. 
Nomination Day is September 18, 2017, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. 
For the complete Town of Drumheller Candidate Package please  click here .
Am I eligible to be elected to Town Council?

The following three conditions must be met in order to become a candidate for Town Council: 
  • You must be at least 18 years of age on Election Day (October 16, 2017).
  • You must be a Canadian citizen.
  • You must have been a resident of the Town of Drumheller for the six consecutive months preceding Nomination Day (September 18, 2017). 

What do I need to do to become a Candidate?

If you would like to become a candidate please note that, due to changes to the Local Authority Elections Act, all individuals who wish to run for

Council must register prior to accepting any monetary or in-kind campaign contributions. 

If you have any questions that are not answered in the Candidate Package, please contact the Returning Officer for the Town of

Drumheller, Babara Miller, at or 403 823 1311.



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The month of August continues to be warm and Albertans are eager to enjoy the outdoors. Due to the fire situation in BC and in southern Alberta, the Office of the Fire Commissioner is reminding Albertans of the importance of fire safety when camping and heading outdoors. We’ve added some general information and fire safety tips to our website at

house-1429409 1280habitat

July 2017

Habitat in Drumheller

Following the generous donation of land on Poplar Street by a private citizen, Habitat searched for champions in the community and people who cared deeply about helping local families build long-term stability through affordable home ownership. The regional Habitat committee was formally established in May 2016. This local group of caring individuals are working to be champions for Habitat and raise funds for the first Habitat build Drumheller in the spring/summer of 2018.

With this first build next year, we will be looking for qualifying homeowners. We have three primary criteria: Demonstrated need, the ability to take on an affordable mortgage through Habitat and the related expenses of home ownership, and a willingness to partner with Habitat.

For more information on Habitat and our work in Drumheller, or to learn more about Habitat home ownership, please visit

We will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday October 3rd, 2017. Please watch this web site for more information.

Who we are and what we do

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta is a non-profit organization working for a world where everyone has a safe and affordable place to live. We bring communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership. Habitat Southern Alberta is a member of Habitat for Humanity Canada, and part of a worldwide network that spans 93 countries, and has built over 500,000 homes.

Habitat’s homeownership model helps communities to expand their affordable housing inventory and helps families achieve strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership. Our homes are funded through the generosity of our regional communities, donors, and sponsors, and are built by local construction contractors and volunteers. The homes are sold to families with no down payment and are financed with affordable, no-interest mortgages. 


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Friday July 28, 2017 4:00 P.M.

Contact: Bruce Wade , Fire Chief

(403) 823-1323


Due to existing dry conditions the Town of Drumheller, in its capacity as Local Fire Authority and pursuant to the Town of Drumheller Fire Bylaw 04.07, is issuing a FIRE BAN RESTRICTION. This advisory represents a SEVERE FIRE RISK with respect to open air fires.

Open air fires include fires for the burning of weeds, grass, leaves; fires related to recreational uses in non-approved containers; and the burning of coal, straw and/or other materials. Please note the following regarding the FIRE BAN RESTRICTION.

Incinerators (for farm and acreage use)
All Fire Permits suspended
All Fireworks
Regulated burning barrels
Solid fuel barbeques (charcoal briquettes)
Recreational fire pits under Bylaw 04.07

Internal household fire places
Gas or Propane stoves and Barbecues that are CSA approved or UL certified
Portable propane fire pits that are CSA approved or UL certified
Catalytic or infrared-style heaters
Fires contained within approved facilities and appliances in designated camping and recreational areas.

Natural gas and propane barbecues are not affected by this FIRE BAN RESTRICTION.

This fire ban takes effect FRIDAY JULY 28, 2017 AT 4:00 P.M. and will remain in effect until further notice. This FIRE BAN RESTRICTION is for all properties contained

within the Municipal Boundaries of the Town of Drumheller.

Property taxes

It's just about that time! Property Taxes are due by August 31st, 2017 at 4:30pm. The Town of Drumheller allows post dated cheques for the payment of property taxes. Another way to pay your property taxes is to enroll in our monthly installment plan. This allows the Town to automatically withdraw the payment from your bank account each month, avoiding penalties in September and November. If your preferred method of payment is thru online or telephone banking, please keep in mind that process turn around times for such payments can take up to four business days.

We know taxes aren't fun to pay, so please ask our friendly administration staff about the pre-payment method and learn how you can receive a discount for early payment.

If property taxes aren't paid by August 31st, a 5% penalty will be levied on September 1st and another 5% penalty on November 1st. All arrears are subject to a monthly penalty of 0.75% or 9.00% per annum, calculated on the first day of each month.

For more information please call 403-823-6300 or email

The Town of Drumheller is always prepared to deal with issues that may surface from time to time and most issues can be resolved during regular business hours.  However, sometimes there is an issue that needs immediate attention and the best way to deal with it is to phone the Town's 24 Hour Trouble Line so that on-call staff can attend to the matter quickly and efficiently.


The 24 Hour Trouble Line is 403.823.2512

and is intended for non-emergent issues that require attention from a Town staff  member.


Matters that are considered serious emergencies should call 911 immediately

 media release pic




Funding Options for

Flood Mitigation Presented to Council

DRUMHELLER, July 13, 2017


In 2015, Drumheller was approved under the Alberta Community Resilience Program in the amount of $6.4 Million for two flood mitigation priorities at 90/10% cost sharing on the first $3 Million and 70/30% thereafter for each project:  East Midland and Newcastle.   Drumheller has had ongoing discussions with the Province and Federal governments on other grant programs that would help offset the municipality’s portion of the cost.    Although, a further grant program from the Federal government may be available down the road to help offset future flood mitigation projects, at this time there is no further funding to help offset these costs. The Town is applying for Federal funding later this month for future flood mitigation projects.  Although the adoption of two borrowing bylaws ensures that the borrowing option is in place and the dollars can be accessed immediately when the funding agreement and the dyke ownership is finalized with the Province, Council intends to debate the consequences of borrowing versus using reserves prior to final reading.

The two flood mitigation projects are summarized as follows:

  1. East Midland & Newcastle – The majority of residents are located within the flood fringe.  The total 2014 assessed value for residents in the flood fringe, not including land, is approximately $51M.  In Midland and Newcastle, to protect against the potential of future floods the existing berms will need to be built higher. As well, erosion control riverbank stability, and installation of a drainage pipe with a backflow preventer between North Railway Avenue and the CNR tracks will be constructed.

Total Project Estimated Costs:  $3,727,000

Provincial Contribution: Project Approved Cost:  $3,211,000

Assessed Value:  $51M

Benefit Cost:  13.7

Municipal Contribution:  $516,000

  1. Central Drumheller 2nd Street West to 5th Street East – Project requires construction of a new berm and raising of the existing berm to help protect central Drumheller from future floods.

Total Project Estimated Costs:  $3,718,000

Provincial Contribution:  Project Approved Cost:  $3,202,600

Assessed Value:  $49M

Benefit Cost:  13.4

Municipal Contribution: $497,400

Once the funding agreement is signed, the Town will proceed to the design phase with hopes of tendering the project this fall. 

CAO Ray Romanetz states, “As we work on finalizing the funding agreement, the Town is proactively looking at taking steps that will reduce the likelihood of project delays down the road”.

“We’ve worked hard and will continue to work hard to get the maximum amount of funding from the Province and Federal governments, but it’s time that we get the shovels in the ground to make sure that we are protected from future flooding”, states Mayor Terry Yemen.

A detailed breakdown of the scope of projects is available at .


For more information, contact:

Terry Yemen                                                               Ray Romanetz, P. Eng.

Mayor                                                                         CAO, Town of Drumheller

Office: (403)823-1922                                                Office: (403) 823-1339


As per Council’s direction, during the summer months, a Council Committee Meeting will be held only at the call of the Mayor or in his absence, the Deputy Mayor.  Please be advised that there will be no Council Committee Meeting  on July 17th.