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A reminder from Drumheller Bylaw about the importance of being a responsible pet owner.

All citizens are required to have their dog under control at all times.

This includes when walking a dog in off leash areas they must ensure that the dog responds to all voice commands to so as not to approach or bother other persons or dogs.

Owners must not let their dog off the leash in these areas and then relax their responsibilities.

In addition, bylaw officers have received complaints of dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs when they walk them.

If your dog defecates in public you must clean it up immediately.

Other complaints have been received about the odor of feces from the yards of dog owners carrying over to neighbor’s property.

Under the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law, dog owners must keep their yards reasonably clean of feces so that there is not an odor produced that is offensive and a nuisance to neighbors.

Thank you from the Town of Drumheller.