2015 Drumheller Spring Clean-Up Campaign | Dinosaurvalley.com

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Pick up materials begins on May 1st in Nacmine and then goes as follows:

East Coulee, Cambria, Lehigh, Starmine, and Hwy 10 residences to Rosedale on May 4th.

Wayne, Rosedale, Hwy 10X, and Hwy 10 Rosedale to Corporate limits on May 5th.

Midland, North Drumheller, and Verdant Valley Road on May 6th.

North and South Newcastle on May 7th.

Central Drumheller and East Newcastle from 9th Street West to 5th Street East on May 8th.

Bankview and Huntington north of 10th Ave SE on May 11th.

Greentree and Huntington on May 12th.

Riverside Drive between 5th Street East and Willow Estates on May 13th.