There still seems to be some confusion as to the rational and funding of the new Town Hall.  The costs for the project are approx $2 million; one and a half of which is provincial grant funding that has been earmarked for this project. Approx $450 thousand has been put in the Town of Drumheller’s budget so there is no borrowing to complete this project.



Drumheller Centennial 2013

Started the New Year off with a celebration at the BCF including a fantastic fireworks display to usher in our Centennial year.

Atlas Coal Mine will be hosting the May Day celebration again this year and the re-commissioning of the Miners’ Memorial over the May 4th weekend.

May 15th the Town will be hosting a 100th birthday party at the Badlands Community Facility.

In early June we hope to open our new handicapped accessible Town Hall in downtown Drumheller.

What a weekend in Drumheller!

Good luck Dragons on your 2012/13 season!
The arena brings back lots of fond memories for me; Agnes Mcdonald and her cow bell, Joyce Walker skating with the refs and my grandfather, Jock Pennycook ( trainer for the Miners thru their glory years)...  

Mayor Terry Yemen

A newspaper article in the July 20, 2012 edition of the Drumheller Insider highlights the Town's response to the issue of water services to East Coulee.  

Drumheller was running flat out this past weekend with community events offering something for everyone.

Locals banded together to bring the first ever Dinofest to the valley, creating a fun filled family weekend. The taste of Drumheller was a huge hit, showcasing local restaurants best flavors. I stopped by during the screening of Jurassic Park and was blown away by all the people in attendance.

Town of Drumheller

2012: Flush of Main Transmission Line


     On June 5, 2012 the Water Utilities Department will be flushing the Main Transmission Line from the Water Treatment Plant to the Junction of Highway 9, Hwy. 56 and Secondary Road 575.

Town of Drumheller Municipal Office - 403-823-6300

Town of Drumheller TROUBLE Calls (24 hours) - 403-823-2512

Aquaplex -403-823-1322

Badlands Community Facility - 403-823-1370

Badlands Community Facility KITCHEN - 403-823-1369

Chief Administrative Office - 403-823-1339

Community Enforcement - 403-823-1363

Development Control / Land Use - 403-823-1300

Drumheller Landfill / Recycling - 403-823-1343

At the regular meeting of Council held on April 23rd, administration presented the tax rate bylaw 09.12.  The report to Council included two options for the 2012 tax rates for their consideration.

Drumheller Fire Ban

THE FIRE BAN HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN LIFTED. Thank you for your cooperation.


Tuesday May 1st. 2012