There still seems to be some confusion as to the rational and funding of the new Town Hall.  The costs for the project are approx $2 million; one and a half of which is provincial grant funding that has been earmarked for this project. Approx $450 thousand has been put in the Town of Drumheller’s budget so there is no borrowing to complete this project.



Drumheller Centennial 2013

Started the New Year off with a celebration at the BCF including a fantastic fireworks display to usher in our Centennial year.

Atlas Coal Mine will be hosting the May Day celebration again this year and the re-commissioning of the Miners’ Memorial over the May 4th weekend.

May 15th the Town will be hosting a 100th birthday party at the Badlands Community Facility.

In early June we hope to open our new handicapped accessible Town Hall in downtown Drumheller.

What a weekend in Drumheller!

Good luck Dragons on your 2012/13 season!
The arena brings back lots of fond memories for me; Agnes Mcdonald and her cow bell, Joyce Walker skating with the refs and my grandfather, Jock Pennycook ( trainer for the Miners thru their glory years)...  

Mayor Terry Yemen

A newspaper article in the July 20, 2012 edition of the Drumheller Insider highlights the Town's response to the issue of water services to East Coulee.