2013 Drumheller Centennial



Drumheller Centennial 2013

Started the New Year off with a celebration at the BCF including a fantastic fireworks display to usher in our Centennial year.

Atlas Coal Mine will be hosting the May Day celebration again this year and the re-commissioning of the Miners’ Memorial over the May 4th weekend.

May 15th the Town will be hosting a 100th birthday party at the Badlands Community Facility.

In early June we hope to open our new handicapped accessible Town Hall in downtown Drumheller.

July 1st parade theme has been dedicated to Centennial.

Invitations have been sent out to all service and community organizations asking them to get involved in the celebrations.

We anticipate a number of family reunion, homecomings and school reunions throughout the coming year.

Information will be posted on the Town page and Facebook as it becomes available.

Another busy year for Drumheller.  ROAR!

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