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Canada 150 Time Capsule

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The Drumheller Heritage, Arts and Culture Committee is excited to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. In recognition of this special anniversary, the committee will be assembling items for a time capsule of Drumheller to be buried during Alberta Culture Days September 29 to October 1.

The committee wants to make this a truly Drumheller time capsule and are asking for your suggestions by submitting your ideas below! Examples of items in a time capsule include 2017 birth and wedding announcements, food flyers, technology, pictures, Passion Play ticket stubs and more.

The Heritage, Arts and Culture Committee thanks you for your ideas! We will announce the winning ideas in September.


We have been receiving some ideas and offers of items to include in our Time Capsule.  To Date we have:

  1. Passion Play Tickets - Donated by Dolores Snaychuk of Edmonton
  2. East Coulee Spring Festival Program Poster - Donated by Naomi Kikoak of Drumheller
  3. Fidget Spinner - Donated by Wendy Benzon of Drumheller.
  4. Picture of the Heritage, Arts & Culture Committee
  5. Graduation Pictures
  6. Local Newspaper
  7. An item from Council 
  8. A copy of Nat Geo and the nodasaur
  9. a pano-shot of the Museum (it will be very different in a couple of years with the expansion)
  10. Gallery map and Brochure of the Museum.

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