To purchase a cemetery lot contact Town Hall by phoning (403) 823-6300; visit or write to: 

Town of Drumheller
Town Hall
224 Center Street, Drumheller AB T0J 0Y4

Request a personal viewing of the proposed location(s) if necessary. A Burial Permit must be submitted at Town Hall before burial. All cemetery makers and monuments require the permission of the Cemetery Clerk before placement at the grave site. Please contact Town Hall prior to purchase for details.

Burial Options

A single burial in a full size lot.
A double burial in a full size lot, where the first interment is at extra depth, and the second burial placed on top.
A single or double burial of cremated remains in a cremation lot may have flat markers or upright monuments.
The burial of a maximum of 4 cremated remains in a full size or double burial lot.
The placement of urns containing cremated remains in a columbarium niche.
Burials and Open/Close of Cremain.

Memorial Wall

Memorial wall plaque applications must be made at Town Hall. Request a personal viewing of the proposed location(s), if necessary. 

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