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We encourage the public to attend our Council meetings. 

Through this section you can access agendas, minutes, meeting calendars and supporting reference documents relating to Council meetings.  

The Town of Drumheller Council meets on Mondays in the Council Chambers located on the second floor of Town Hall.

Meetings begin at 4:30 PM and alternate between Regular Council Meetings and Council Committee Meetings. To view the meeting schedule for the 2017 Regular Council Meetings  Click Here

Agendas are downloaded Fridays prior to a Council Meeting.  The agenda is set by Mayor, Council and Administration. 

Delegations must formally request and be granted an audience with Council prior to the setting of an agenda.  

Business items are presented to Council through the Request for Decision (RFD)

The RFD is normally prepared by Administration and includes:

  • The topic;
  • Background or history;
  • Financial implications, and;
  • Reference to any policies or formal documents of the Town of Drumheller. 

It also contains a clear recommendation for Council to consider.  

Regular Council Meeting minutes are downloaded on the website following adoption (normally a period of 2 weeks following the actual meeting date).  

Council's Procedural By-law 10.09 is a bylaw that provides a standard, familiar format for council meetings.

It also makes it easier for members of council, staff, the media and the public to understand the process by which decisions are made.

It not only governs the proceedings of council, but also any of Council’s Committees and Task Forces, the conduct of its members, and the calling of meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Handy via Email at or by calling (403) 823-1339.