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The Planning, Development and Safety Codes Department provide a variety of services pertaining to the management of growth, planning and development of the lands within the Town of Drumheller. These services include the preparation and implementation of statutory plans, and the review and processing of development related applications. This includes long-range land use planning, development approval and safety codes permit (building, electrical, plumbing, gas and private sewage disposal systems) approval and inspections within the Town of Drumheller. These processes are in accordance with Town Bylaws, Policies, Procedures and Regulations, as well as the relevant provisions of the Municipal Government Act of Alberta and the Safety Codes Act of Alberta.

Development Permit

A Development Permit is required:

  • When significant structural alterations are involved.

  • When there is a change in use or intensity of the structure.

  • For erection of a sign.

  • For garages, decks and satellite dishes.

  • For all new construction.

Building Permit

  1. A Building Permit is required for the construction, alteration, installation, repair, relocation, demolition or change in occupancy of any work to which the Alberta Building Code applies in accordance with the regulations made pursuant to the Safety Codes Act.

  2. In addition to a permit that is required by Sentence (1) other permits may be required for the installation of related building services.

An owner shall ensure that all permits required in connection with proposed work are obtained before starting the work to which they relate. A Building Permit is not required for maintenance and upkeep repairs, sidewalks or fences.

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Building Permit Statistics

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In addition, please be guided accordingly by our Zoning / Land Use Bylaw

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