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Downtown Revitalization Survey

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Welcome to the Town of Drumheller Downtown Revitalization process. Your feedback is important to us.

One of our goals in 2017 is to increase dinosaur branding of Drumheller. One of the ways that we will achieve this is to apply dinosaur theming to our beautification efforts.

We would like to have your input so that we can proceed with decisions that will make Drumheller a more attractive place to spend time and do business.

Your input will help us to create a look and feel for downtown which will help us select furniture and planting options, and think about future options for the downtown area.

Previous Engagement: Have you attended previous Engagement Sessions in 2004, 2013 or 2015?
Current Economic Development Initiatives: Were you aware of the following Town initiatives? (please mark those you are aware of)
Have you applied for or participated in any of the above initiatives? If so what was your experience?

Downtown Revitalization Priorities: (Please rank 1-6, with 1 being top priority, 6 being lowest)

Street Furniture (benches, trash receptacles, bike racks etc.)
Gateways to mark Key Entry Points
Additional Soft Landscaping (locally hardy trees, shrubs and perennials)
Enhanced Maintenance, Cleaning and Service of Existing Features
Enhanced Crosswalk Designs and Traffic Calming at Key Intersections
Downtown Public Plaza
Which elements you would most like to see in a Downtown Park or Plaza. Please mark your top three:
Organized Outdoor Markets: Do you currently attend the outdoor markets that take place in Drumheller?
Can you think of ways the area could be improved to enhance these outdoor markets?
Where do you see the greatest opportunity to see branding improved or expanded? (please mark your top three)
Site Furniture: View options below and choose which Furniture Suite Option you prefer.

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Any other comments or suggestions?

Thank-you for your attendance and participation! Please leave your name and contact information if you would like to be contacted about your answers or receive future updates about Downtown Revitalization projects.