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As a place with big city services, hospitality, and the compassion of a small town, Drumheller has so much to offer! 

Drumheller is a community of over 8,000 people located in the heart of the badlands of Alberta. 

It is just a mere 90 minutes northeast of Calgary and 90 minutes southeast of Red Deer in the beautiful Red Deer River Valley.

Our Town is one of the sunniest communities in all of Canada.

This is made even better by our friendly residents and vibrant social and cultural activities.

As you’ll find out in our Drumheller was founded in the early 1900’s as a major coal mining town.

It has since evolved into a large Canadian tourist centre, agriculture hub, and a vibrant gas and oil sector.

Drumheller has a large and modern health center that provides 24-hour emergency, acute care, continuing care, mental health, and public health services.

Depending on the severity of a situation, the hospital can help prepare patients for STARS Air Ambulance helicopter trips.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is also vital to the Drumheller economy.

It employs nearly 500 people in this high tech medium and minimum security facility.    

Drumheller is a large area of Alberta. With this recognition, we have a sizable RCMP and Fire Department to handle any emergency.

Our community boasts of an RCMP detachment with 16 officers serving both the rural and municipal areas.

There is a Staff Sergeant as well as rural corporal and a municipal corporal.

Meanwhile, the Drumheller Fire Department has fire halls in Drumheller, Rosedale, and East Coulee.

It has an average of 42 volunteer fire fighters led by Fire Chief Bruce Wade. 

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident you’ll find out why Drumheller is all about opportunity, adventure, and discovery.