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messagefromthemayorWhether you are a new resident or visitor to Drumheller, it gives me a great deal of pleasure as Mayor, to extend a hearty welcome to you and your family.

I feel that our educational facilities, parks, recreation facilities, library, churches, public services and excellent stores combine to make it an ideal Town. Drumheller is proud of our newly constructed Badlands Community Facility, a state of the art banquet and conference facility in a most unique setting – the Canadian Badlands in Drumheller.

Above all else, the people of Drumheller are very friendly and their warmth and neighborliness I’m sure you will readily notice.

Walking trails, swimming pools, hockey arena, baseball, soccer, lacrosse and many more recreational opportunities abound. Badlands Artist Association, Kaleidoscope Theatre, and a renowned Music Festival are just three of our cultural organizations.

Drumheller is made up of many volunteer organizations who welcome new faces with opinions should you want to become involved.

No community can be great without schools and health facilities.

The Drumheller Valley Secondary School recently underwent a $22 million dollar reconstruction.

The St. Anthony Catholic School recently constructed a new K-12 building located along North Dinosaur Trail.

We opened a new health centre seven years ago and our medical centre has numerous doctors of which we are very proud.

Drumheller is located in the heart of the Canadian Badlands.

Our historical downtown core and our unique landscape have been the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of movies and commercials.

Thanks to the Royal Tyrrell Museum and our hoodoos, Drumheller is an internationally recognized name that conjures up images of badlands and dinosaurs and as such, is ranked by the Province as one of the top three visitor attractions in Alberta.

Reflecting on our rich history and who we are now has been like reading the pages of a novel – from our coal miners who populated this valley by the thousands to a growing tourism industry.

As a resident and Mayor, I have witnessed first-hand the changes we have seen – the opening of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, construction of the world’s largest dinosaur, the award winning Spray Park, and the world renowned Canadian Badlands Passion Play and numerous other tourist attractions that are vital to Drumheller.

A large part of Drumheller’s story now is tourism, our businesses and our people.

Whether you are a resident, visitor or investor, on behalf of Town Council, I invite you to experience our great Town!