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Drumheller’s unique scenery and fascinating history combines to attract thousands of people to the community each year. 

Drumheller is home to the world’s largest dinosaur who overlooks our pristine community.

She weighs in at 65 tonnes and stretches up 25 meters (86ft)!

There are 106 steps up to the mouth of the tyrannosaurus rex with a breathtaking view of the valley from its mouth. 

The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller houses hundreds of thousands of dinosaur artifacts from around the world.

The museum is visited by people from all across Canada and the world and people leave with a great deal of knowledge about how the Earth looked over 65 million years ago.

Another must see in Drumheller is the Atlas Coal Mine located in East Coulee.

The mine officially closed down in 1979 signalling the end of the coal mining era in the Drumheller Valley.

Here you’ll learn the stories of miners, their equipment, and how dangerous the work really was. 

While in East Coulee you must see the East Coulee School Museum which houses fascinating stories about life in East Coulee during the coal mining era.

Visit them online and find out more about East Coulee Springfest, one of the premier music festivals in Alberta. 

Unique sandstone formations, called the Hoodoos, dot the Drumheller valley.

These geological formations are quite fragile and Drumheller has done a great job protecting them.

The site is located between East Coulee and Rosedale on Highway 10.

Boomtown architecture gives downtown Drumheller a unique charm.

Restaurants, pubs, gift stores, as well as museums dot this special area of our community.

For a fascinating tour through Drumheller’s history, visit the Badlands Historical Center at 335 1st Street East.

The Valley Doll Museum on 3rd avenue has over 700 dolls and full of great gift ideas. 

A trip to Drumheller is not complete until you visit the 117-meter Rosedale Swinging Bridge.

Plaques indicate the historical importance of this bridge during the mining era. Have your camera ready as you walk over the beautiful Red Deer River.

The bridge entrance is located just north of highway 10 through Rosedale.

Travel Drumheller partners with the Town of Drumheller to promote the best of our community!

For more on other attractions in Drumheller inluding information on where to stay and dine, please visit their website

From Dinosaurs to coal, you’ll be amazed at what Drumheller offers you and your family.