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Aquaplex Modernization

Reopening Expected November 1, 2017

Following the August 21, 2017 Council meeting, the Town met with Aquaplex Modernization contractors and the project consultant on August 24, 2017 to update the schedule for completion of the project.

It was determined that the project is behind schedule by 3 weeks due to the need to remove a larger than anticipated amount of concrete that was poured under the original pool deck.  “The contractor had to remove approximately 40% more concrete than was identified in the project. This extra work means that the re-opening the Aquaplex will be delayed, says Ray Romanetz, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Drumheller.   

The town has taken steps since late June to address this issue by extending the construction hours through evenings and weekends in order to get closer to the original completion target date of September 30, 2017.  “This has helped to reduce the number of days that the Aquaplex will be closed. The contractors are hoping to make up time over the next month. If that was to happen, the pool would open to the public earlier but programming will not commence until Wednesday November 1, 2017. We are doing everything we can to open as early as possible and limit any inconveniences to our users.” says Darryl Drohomerski, Director of Infrastructure Services.

As a result of the anticipated delays the Town of Drumheller will extend the length of Aquaplex memberships by the length of the closure.  “We feel that it is important to make sure that our members are given fair value in recognition of the inconvenience that this will cause to regular users. We have always tried to minimize the impact on our users as we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle,” says Mayor Terry Yemen.

The Drumheller Aquaplex originally opened in 1975 and 42 years later, there have been various upgrades.  The 2017 Modernization is by far the most extensive update of the facility.

The newly modernized Aquaplex will feature a gradual entry pool basin, new hot-tub and steam room in addition to fresh new floors and surfaces.  These improvements will help to reduce maintenance costs in addition to improving the overall aquatics experience.



For more Information Contact:

Darryl Drohomerski at 403.823.1312 or



Tuesday July 18, 2017 11:00 AM


Fire Advisory in Town of Drumheller


Due to existing dry conditions the Town of Drumheller, in its capacity as Local Fire Authority and pursuant to the Town of Drumheller Fire Bylaw 04.07, is issuing a FIRE ADVISORY. This advisory represents a Moderate Fire Risk  with respect to open air fires.

Open air fires include fires for the burning of weeds, grass, leaves; fires related to recreational uses in non-approved containers; and the burning of coal, straw and/or other materials.


The  FIRE ADVISORY allows for the use of barbecues, recreational/residential camp fires compliant with bylaw 16-10 and fires in designated camping and recreational areas .

Permitted as well are fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and stationary barbecues that burn combustible materials compliant with bylaw 16-10.

Natural gas and propane barbecues are not affected by this FIRE ADVISORY.

This fire ban takes effect Tuesday July 18, 2017 AT 10:00 AM and will remain in effect until further notice.  This FIRE ADVISORY is for all properties contained within the Municipal Boundaries of the Town of Drumheller.



Contact:    Bruce Wade , Fire Chief

                 (403) 823-1323

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July 14, 2017

New Highway Lighting Improvements Announced

The Town of Drumheller is pleased to announce that Alberta Transportation will be upgrading highway street lighting from 17th Street West to the east entrance of Hunter Drive in Nacmine in addition to improved traffic lighting at the intersection of Highways 56 and 10.

The installation of 28 New light standards between the Canadian Badlands Passion Play Site and east Nacmine will increase the level of safety for drivers. Alberta Transportation has approved the project which addresses concerns that were brought forward by the Town earlier this year.

ATCO electric will be installing the new light standards in the Fall of 2017.

"It's always good news to improve safety and we are pleased that we are able to work with Alberta Transportation and ATCO toward this goal." said Mayor, Terry Yemen.


For more information contact:

Paul Salvatore
Director, Community Services


 July 7, 2017

Albertosaurus Dethrones T-Rex as

Drumheller’s King of the Dinosaurs on Dino Walk

Following intense competition for the naming of Downtown streets, Albertosaurus defeated Tyrannosaurus Rex as the most popular dinosaur in the Dinosaur Capital of the World, Drumheller, Alberta.

The Top 10 Favorite Dinosaurs selected from electronic and print ballots are (in highest voting order):

1. Albertosaurus

2. Tyrannosaurus rex

3. Triceratops

4. Ankylosaurus

5. Gorgosaurus

6. Troodon

7. Centrosaurus

8. Edmontosaurus

9. Stegoceras

10. Parasaurolophus

Voting took place over a fourteen day period, and was completed on July 6th.

The selection of the dinosaurs will result in the addition of new secondary street names in Drumheller’s downtown business district. The newly named streets signage will installed later this Summer.

Medallions that feature the selected dinosaurs will also be added to pedestrian wayfinding signage, which will include a mapped out walking tour of Downtown Drumheller.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit shocked that T-Rex didn’t come out on top, but this will definitely make exploring Drumheller that much more interesting, said Mayor, Terry Yemen.”

Albertosaurus beat T-Rex by 16 votes out of a total of 3,148 votes cast through the process. The good news is that that the top names selected are all very popular and the fact that Drumheller is still home to an 86 foot tall T-Rex makes it hard to overlook that T-Rex continues to be Drumheller’s most iconic dinosaur and cements Drumheller’s position as the Dinosaur Capital of the World.

Summer Manca, Chair – Drumheller Economic Development Advisory Committee says “I think it says something patriotic about Drumheller that we would rally around Albertosaurus, the first dinosaur named after our province and discovered in this area over 100 years ago.”

For more information contact:

Paul Salvatore

Director, Community Services





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On Monday March 6 Council awarded the contract for the Aquaplex modernization to Pearl Rose Construction Ltd from Red Deer.

The work to be undertaken includes the modification of the existing pool liner, installation of a new liner system and hot tub as well as upgrades to mechanical electrical and architectural components within the Aquaplex.

“This bid was just over $217,000 below the previous tender and the contractor has a great deal of experience with  similar projects,  explained Darryl Drohomerski Director of Infrastructure, “ The next steps will be to meet with the contractor and staff to finalize the construction schedule and plan for the switch over to the outdoor pool in May. A priority will be to ensure the best possible service to users of the Aquaplex throughout the summer.”

“Unfortunately disruption to users is unavoidable but the new pool will be a great facility for the people of Drumheller”, added Paul Salvatore Director of Community Services. “We will be communicating as soon as possible about changes to schedules and will continue providing updates to do throughout the summer to keep people informed”.

For more information contact:

Darryl Drohomerski

Director, Infrastructure Services


  • Waste receptacles 2017


GFL is the new collector of commercial bin garbage for the town for the next four years. They commenced work on Monday February 6.

Here is some information on the collection contract:

  • Any business with a large bin (holds more than 5 bags of garbage) is required to use the town’s collector and set up  service  with GFL as per the Solid Waste Management By-Law 06-16 unless the business is disposing of renovation or demolition waste.
  • The Town released a contract for exclusive commercial franchise services and GFL was the successful bidder with the lowest overall prices to the commercial customers in Drumheller for the next four years.
  • Businesses do not have a choice of their collector. They must switch to GFL as stated per By Law 06.16.
  • Huxted was the exclusive franchise provider of this service for many years. That is the reason that their bins were located throughout our community.  Huxted is no longer as service provider on contract to the Town of Drumheller.
  • If you have any questions please contact GFL at (403) 265-0044 or, or the Town at (403) 823-1330.