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August 29, 2017 3:00 P.M.

Contact: Bruce Wade , Fire Chief
(403) 823-1323


Due to *EXTREMELY* dry conditions in the Town of Drumheller, in its capacity as Local Fire Authority and pursuant to the Town of Drumheller Fire Bylaw 04.07, is issuing an *updated* FIRE BAN . This advisory represents AN EXTREME FIRE RISK with respect to open air fires.
Open air fires include fires for the burning of weeds, grass, leaves; fires related to recreational uses in non-approved containers; and the burning of coal, straw and/or other materials. Please note the following regarding the FIRE BAN.

Incinerators (for farm and acreage use)
All Fire Permits suspended
All Fireworks
Regulated burning barrels
Solid fuel barbeques (charcoal briquettes)
Recreational fire pits under Bylaw 04.07 (backyard fire pits)
All fires in designated camping and recreational areas.

Internal household fire places
Gas or Propane stoves and Barbecues that are CSA approved or UL certified
Portable propane fire pits that are CSA approved or UL certified
Catalytic or infrared-style heaters

Natural gas and propane barbecues are not affected by this FIRE BAN.

This fire ban takes effect Tuesday August 29, 2017 AT 3:00 P.M. and will remain in effect until further notice. This FIRE BAN is for all properties contained within the Municipal Boundaries of the Town of Drumheller.