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Tammi Nygaard Landfill Operations Manager presented her report of the 2016 Spring to Council at their regular meeting on May 30.

She stated that this year’s spring clean up had gone well with ‘minimal issues’. Next year there may be more education for the sorting of materials, however overall it was a well received safe and efficiently run 2016 spring clean up.

Compared to last year totals there was an approximate decrease of 3.3% in wood, compost and household materials and a decrease of 48.5% in metal collected. The spring clean up took 792 regular hours and 22.5 overtime hours.

The Town of Drumheller wants to express their thanks to the Public Works Department and to Tammi Nygaard for their great work in this years spring clean up.


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For more information contact:

Tammi Nygaard

Drumheller Land District Solid Waste Management Association

(403) 823-1345wastedisposal












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February 8, 2016

Town of Drumheller Addresses Rat Sighting

On February 6th the Town of Drumheller Protective Services Department received a report of a trapped rat in a yard in Drumheller. After an investigation, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has confirmed the rodent is a roof rat. Roof rats are not native to the prairies and do not like cold weather. This species of rat is found more commonly in the warm, wet areas of the East and West Coasts of Canada. Officials believe the rat entered Alberta on a vehicle which traveled from an area common to Roof Rats. These rats are usually found alone and rarely in pairs.

The Town of Drumheller Protective Services Department will be proactive to ensure this is an isolated case in Drumheller. While more rat traps will be set up in the area of the sighting, the Town asks residents to be vigilant while traveling. If residents have traveled to a warmer climate in a vehicle and have questions or concerns about roof rats please call Protective Services Director Greg Peters at 403-823-1363 or email  

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January 13th, 2016

Town of Drumheller Addresses Business License Bylaw Changes

In late 2015 Travel Drumheller made a presentation to council requesting changes to Schedule B. During the regular council meeting of January 11th, 2016 two options to amend Schedule B of the business license bylaw were presented for discussion. Schedule B regulates the business license fees applicable to the accommodations sector of Drumheller, such as hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast establishments. Its purpose is to provide a stable funding mechanism for Travel Drumheller by shifting the cost of marketing the valley from taxpayers to businesses who profit directly from tourism.

The first option presented to council for consideration, as proposed by Travel Drumheller, was an amendment to simplify the formula used to calculate business license fees to a flat rate of 2% of sales.

A second option presented for consideration was an amendment to remove Schedule B from the bylaw, thus making contributions to Travel Drumheller a voluntary system.

Subsequent to the discussion, Council gave first reading of Bylaw 04.16 for the purpose of removing Schedule B from the Business License Bylaw. First reading passed unanimously. All bylaws require three readings before they are adopted.  

Further discussion around Schedule B of the Business License Bylaw will be held during the next Committee of the Whole meeting on January 18th, 2016 in council chambers.


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January 12, 2016

Town of Drumheller Takes Against Odor Concerns

The Town of Drumheller is fully aware of the waste water odor issues plaguing residents in the south Newcastle and east Nacmine areas of Drumheller. Sewage odors have been occurring downstream of the Royal Tyrrell Museum since its opening in 1985. The waste water from the museum flows from a septic holding tank into a second flushing tank. From there the waste water exits through a gravity line that goes underneath the Red Deer River. Due to this slow process, an odor is produced when anaerobic bacteria in the waste water create hydrogen sulfide gas.

The Town of Drumheller is working very closely with Alberta Infrastructure to remedy the situation. Officials will continue to monitor the odor issues and will intensify treatment at various locations to help reduce or eliminate the odor.

At the January 11th, 2016 council meeting, council asked administration to review changes to our utility bylaw that would strengthen enforcement options to deal with non-compliant discharges. The Town has asked the province and their consultants to review more permanent options in an effort to find a solution to the ongoing odor issues.  


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Monday Dec 21, 2015

2016 Utility Rates Adopted

On Monday December 21, 2015, 2nd and 3rd reading was given to Bylaw no. 08.15 for the Purpose of Establishing Utility Rates. The Bylaw comes into effect on January 1st, 2016 which will see water rates increase by 5% and wastewater rates increase by 2%.

For the average homeowner using 15m3 of water per month, adoption of the bylaw results in an increase on water and wastewater rates of $2.49 per month ($29.92 per annum)

The Town of Drumheller utility service is fully rate supported and not funded through property tax. Annual rate adjustments are necessary to cover increased operating costs associated with providing the service and to fund future capital improvements which will ensure the Town has adequate emergency funds for unexpected costs.  

Mayor Terry Yemen said “this increase enables the Town to continue to work toward full cost recovery for our utilities.”

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December 1st, 2015


Council Approves Motion to Join the Central Alberta Economic Partnership

The Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) is an organization of 35 municipalities, 1 First Nation, and 11 Associate members in Central Alberta who meet and work together for the economic betterment of the central Alberta region. Member communities include Kneehill County, Olds, Sundre, Red Deer, and now Drumheller.

Up until now, Drumheller did not belong to a regional economic partnership and the Economic Development Task Force feels very confident this will be beneficial for the community. Advantages include professionally prepared economic indicator reports, networking with other communities, and the soon to be launched Zoom Prospector software which will enable prospectors to speed up the site selection process.

In addition, CAEP works with the Central Alberta Access Prosperity Network, a nonprofit organization that travels to key countries around the world to promote the region and to unlock opportunities for member communities. Through these foreign direct investment meetings, CAEP enables member communities to connect with investment/business opportunities interested in Central Alberta.

Over the next few weeks the membership process between the Town of Drumheller and CAEP will begin and is expected to be completed in time for 2016.

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For more information contact:

Cody Glydon

Economic Development/Communications

(403) 823-1320