Municipal Departments


Chief Administrative Officer

Ray Romanetz, Town Manager Phone: (403) 823-1339

Community Services

Paul Salvatore, Director, Community Services Phone: (403) 823-1316

The Community Services Department is responsible for the majority of "people programs" in the valley. Under the mission, "To promote a quality lifestyle for all citizens of the community " , this encompasses Business, Community and Essential Services. Local business development, tourism and visitor development, recreation, volunteer initiatives, special events, and family and social services, RCMP, Fire and By-Law Development are the general programs that are provided. The major functions of Community Services include:

Community Enforcement 

Drumheller Valley Community Resource Directory

Development Control

Economic Development

Safety Codes Services

Drumheller Fire Department

Drumheller RCMP

Drumheller Aquaplex Schedule

Drumheller Arena Schedule

Services for Seniors

Drumheller Public Library

Community Guide

Recreational Programming at the Badlands Community Facility, Drumheller Aquaplex and Drumheller Memorial Arena

Family and Community Support Services  

Programming for Seniors, Children and Youth

Corporate Services

Bill Wulff, Acting Director Corporate Services  Phone: (403) 823-1311

Under the direction of the Director of Corporate Services , the department has the responsibility of overseeing the financial affairs of the Town. This includes the collection and disbursing of monies, and the banking and investment portfolios, in accordance with Council's authorizations, approved budgets, contracts, and the Alberta Municipal Government Act, and in keeping with the accounting principles for municipal governments as established by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. The major functions of Corporate Services include:

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Assessment and Taxation

Cash Receipting


Computer and Information Systems Services



Reception and Customer Service


Administration of Human Resources

In co-operation with Council, Municipal Departments, and related Agencies, Corporate Services provide the financial information and recommendations necessary for the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets. The department analyses and reports to the Federal and Provincial governments, Town Council, Municipal Departments, Drumheller Ratepayers, related Agencies, as well as our Partners in various projects and agreements.


Infrastructure Services

Allan Kendrick, Director, Infrastructure Services  Send E-Mail using the Departmental Directory page Phone: (403) 823-1308

Under the direction of the Director of Infrastructure Services , the department has the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance and contraction of all Town owned lands, facilities, equipment & infrastructure, in accordance with Council's authorizations, approved budgets, contracts, and Provincial Acts and Approvals. The major functions of Infrastructure Services include:


Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.)


Facilities Management and Maintenance

Equipment Operations and Maintenance

Water Utilities

Parks & Playgrounds

Drumheller Municipal Airport - Burroughs Field


Special Projects

Snow Clearing

Solid Waste Collection Days

Report a Pot Hole/Problem

Mosquito Program


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