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Welcome to Drumheller!

Located 138 km northeast of the City of Calgary (1.5 hour drive), and 279 km southeast of the City of Edmonton [3 hour drive]; the area's moderate climate, excellent education and recreational facilities, easy access to major city amenities, lower cost of living and relaxed atmosphere make for an excellent quality of life for the Town's residents. Drumheller is also the home to the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, one of the largest palaeontological museums in the world. 

Agriculture, tourism, and oil & gas production and manufacturing make up the main economic base of the area. Drumheller also has a trading area population of approximately 30,000, and a population of approximately 1,000,000 within a 75-mile radius. Serviced municipal industrial parks with ample space are available in Drumheller. Numerous privately owned lots and buildings are available as well at very reasonable prices. 

A full range of federal, provincial and municipal services are available in Drumheller. There are also more than 40 non-governmental associations, service clubs and support groups, and more than 30 sports, recreation and social clubs. A complete directory of Community Services is available from the Town of Drumheller's Community Services Department. 

The economic base of Drumheller consists of natural resources [oil, gas, coal], agriculture, tourism, service industry, hospital and the federal penitentiary. Drumheller also has a very significant manufacturing base producing wood trusses and plastic goods. Want to learn more about Town businesses and the community? Check our community and business profile out!

In addition, here are the contacts that you will be needing as a new resident: 

Drumheller Schools, School Divisions and Educational Institutions

  1. Bedrock Playschool Society: (a) telephone number: (403) 823-6391;
  2. Big Country Educational Constortium: (a) telephone number: (403) 823-3000; (b) website:;
  3. Christ the Redeemer School Division: (a) telephone number: 1-800-737-9383; (b) website:; 
  4. Drumheller Adult Resource Training Society (DARTS): (a) telephone number: (403) 823-6690;
  5. Drumheller Composite High School: (a) telephone number: (403) 823-5171; (b) website:; 
  6. Drumheller Further Education Council: (a) telephone number: (403) 823-3669; (b) website:; 
  7. Drumheller Literacy Project: (a) telephone: (403) 823-4668;
  8. Drumheller Outreach School: (a) telephone: (403) 823-6237; 
  9. Golden Hills Regional School Division; (a) telephone: 1-800-320-3739; (b) website:; 
  10. Greentree Elementary School: (a) telephone: (403) 823-5244; (b) website:; 
  11. MAX Campus College of New Media and Animation: (a) telephone: (403) -6291; (b) website:; 
  12. St. Anthony's School: (a) telephone: (403) 823-3485; (b) website:
  13. Hope College: (a) telephone: (403) 856-8108; (b) website:;

Health Care

  1. David Thompson Health Region: (a) website:; 
  2. Drumheller Health Center: (a) telephone: (403) 823-6500; (b) emergency, 911 Ambulance Service telephone: (403) 823-6300. 
  3. Drumheller Associated Physicians: (a) telephone: (403) 823-3345;

Natural Gas

  1. Alta Gas Utilities General Inquiry: (a) telephone: 1-866-222-2067; (b) emergency 24 hour: 1-866-222-2068; (c) website:; 
  2. Direct Energy: (a) customer service: 1-866-374-6299; (b) website:; 
  3. Enmax: (a) customer care: 310-2010; (b) website:;
  4. EPCOR: (a) customer service: 310-4300; (b) website:; 
  5. Power Atco: (a) customer / billing inquiries: 1-800-668-2248; (b) 24 hour emergency / repair: 1-800-668-5506; (c) website:; 

Telephone, Internet and Cable Television 

  1. Telus: (a) telephone: 310-3100 or 1-800-361-3311 (outside Alberta); (b) website:; 
  2. Shaw: (a) customer service: 1-800-807-7429; (b) website:; 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

  1. RCMP: (a) telephone: (403) 823-2630; (b) website:

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