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Greg Peters, Community Enforcement Director, has provided this information to assist hunters in the area:

- It is unlawful to discharge a weapon within 183 meters (200 yards) or cause a projectile from a weapon to pass within 183 meters (200 yards) of any occupied building. Owners, occupants, or persons authorized by the owner or occupant are excepted, subject to local bylaws.
- Discharge a firearm or cause a projectile from a firearm to pass along or across a provincial highway, a road that is paved, oiled, graded or regularly maintained, unless it's under a lease or the person is hunting game birds with a shotgun under the authority of a licence. NOTE: if there is no identifiable ditch or fence to mark the outside edge of the roadway, then the roadway extends 20 feet from the edge of the traveled portion.
- For private land or leased crown land, permission must be obtained from the owner or occupant prior to any access, this includes retrieving game.
- No hunting between ½ after sunset and ½ prior to sunrise.
- Its unlawful to carry a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle.


J. R. (Jeff) Zimmer
District Fish and Wildlife Officer
Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch
Justice and Solicitor General

Provincial Building, Main Floor
201 Centre Street
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
T0J 0Y0

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