Over 400,000 people visit Drumheller each year. Drumheller is a great place to visit and an even better place to live! Many people have moved to Drumheller as a result of just one visit! As a thriving community of 8,000 we offer the amenities of a combined urban/rural lifestyle. Our unique scenic landscape, buoyant economy and competitive land prices with high quality servicing gives great potential for family lifestyle and economic success. Our location, northeast of Calgary is centrally located with excellent access to the major market areas of Edmonton, Calgary and southern Alberta.

Lifestyle Choice

Home prices that are very affordable. Our residential selling prices are among the lowest when compared to other Alberta centers of our size
Big City Services with out the big city congestion. There is no commute.
Clean air and great outdoors. A world renowned setting that is ideal for the adventurer


Summer- warm and dry desert like setting.
Winter- we love the Chinooks!


Drumheller Health Centre houses acute care, continuing care, 24-hour emergency, community care, public health, mental health and other related services all at one site. CT-scan, Dialysis, and a Community Cancer Centre are all part of our new modern hospital.



Public and Separate School system. The provincial government has committed $24,000,000.00 for new facilities in Drumheller.
Post Secondary Education- the Big Country Educational Consortium offers adult academic upgrading courses and some college certification programs through such colleges as Olds College, Medicine Hat College and the Keyano College. Drumheller also has MAX Campus, A College of Animation and New Media offering programs in 3d and 2d Animation, Visual Effects, Game Development, and Graphic Arts.


A stable economy sustained by agriculture, oil and gas, and tourism. Drumheller is growing at a very manageable pace. Employment opportunities are plentiful and the low cost of living is an asset for those making Drumheller their home.

Drumheller Profile

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