Police services in Drumheller are provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P). The Town is served by nine members including one staff sergeant and one corporal. The Town also hosts a rural detachment consisting of 3 members, one of which is a corporal.  For more information, please visit their website

Drumheller Citizens on Patrol (COP)

 COP is a non-profit volunteer organization of individuals who patrol Drumheller neighbourhoods any day, any time. They are extra eyes and ears, working along side the RCMP to help make the town of Drumheller safe and trouble free. Suspicous activities are reported immediately. COP in partnerhsip with the RCMP, helps, promote community policing and enhances policies such as safe community, safe home. 

Crime places an ever-increasing social and economic burden on us all. It's time for a new approach. It's time to get involved. With great leadership, organization and a genuine sense of commitment. 

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Call Drumheller RCMP Detachment 823-7590

Drumheller & District Crime Stoppers. 

Crimestoppers is an anti-crime initiative involving the police, the community, and the media. Dedicated towards building a safer future for our children, and our children's children. 

For more information on Crime Stoppers, kindly peruse the Calgary Crime Stoppers website and the Crime Stoppers International website

Big Country Victim Services 

Big Country Victim Services Association is a program set up to provide victim/witness assistance to those in the community who have been affected by crime or misfortune.

The program consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, the Coordinator and a group of volunteer Victim Services Workers.  The Support Workers are well trained to provide crisis intervention, support, information, referral and court accompaniment to victims. Our Victim Support Workers work directly within their local RCMP detachments in Drumheller, Hanna and Oyen on a 24-hour on-call basis.  Part of our role is to ensure that victims are treated fairly according to their rights under the Alberta Victims of Crime Act.

Support workers don't make the decisions; they give the victim the choices and options to make good decisions for themselves. The type of victims that we work with varies from day to day. Victims come to us as a result of homicide, sexual assault, motor vehicle accidents, natural or sudden death, domestic assault, robberies, home and business break and enters, to name but a few. Volunteer Support Workers receive training on: sudden death, motor vehicle accidents, sexual assault, spousal/child abuse, assault, break and enters, and various other crimes or traumas that have a negative impact on daily life.

Our services are free and confidential. 

Big Country Victim Services is a non-profit organization. We receive some funding through the criminal justice system, but we rely heavily on generous donations from the community and other interested parties to keep us fully trained and operational. We are known for our trauma blankets and teddy bears. These items are given to victims when they need an extra piece of security and love. Blankets and bears are always a welcome donation at any time of the year.

We are always in need of caring and compassionate volunteers. If you or someone you know might be interested in volunteering as a Support Worker or as a Board Member, please give us a call at the Drumheller main office (403) 823-4233 and ask to speak with the Victim Services Coordinator. You must be able to pass the RCMP enhanced security clearance. 

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