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The process for Amending the Land Use Bylaw for a proposed Development

As discussed last month The Land Use Bylaw is a policy document that regulates land use. It is approved by Town Council and is required by the Province of Alberta in the Municipal Government Act. The Land Use Bylaw is a highly detailed set of rules used by the Development Officer to guide land uses and development that occurs on specific sites. The text of the bylaw describes specific land use districts and their requirements. Examples of details include the land uses that are allowed, required setbacks from property lines and other buildings, minimum and maximum density, height requirements and parking requirements.

Any changes to the Land Use Bylaw must be completed through the public hearing process, and be presented to Town Council for the final decision.

It is wise for anyone with a development/business idea to meet with the town Development Officer. If required this meeting may include the CAO. This helps both the applicant and staff to determine what would be required to make your application a reality.

If the idea does not fit with the existing land use district, an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw may be required.  A Land Use Bylaw Amendment may include changing the text of the Land Use Bylaw to allow for a specific land use or development to occur. It may also change development standards or change the land district designation that applies to a particular parcel of land (also known as rezoning).  An amendment is required if the property does not currently allow for that particular development, land use, parcel size or density. An amendment must be adopted by council. According to the Municipal Government Act there must be a public hearing to discuss the proposed amendment which is advertised for 2 weeks prior to the hearing.

On October 17 there will be a public hearing at on a proposed development in Rosedale. The meeting will take place at 4.30pm at Town Hall which is at 224 Centre Street. This is your opportunity to offer support or state your concerns over this development. 

Details of all public hearings (along with all Council meeting agendas) can be found in the council agenda package which is posted on the town’s website http://www.dinosaurvalley.com/published-agenda a few days prior to the meeting. For more information on bylaws, and public hearings contact the CAO’s office at lhandy@dinosaurvalley.com