November 2016 |
The Month in Review

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Town of Drumheller remains proactive in response to Federal and Provincial environmental taxes 

As the provincial and federal governments look to introducing carbon / environmental taxes the Town of Drumheller are looking to implement programmes to deal with the impact of future changes.

The Town relies on the consumption of power, natural gas and gasoline for our daily operations.  While the consumption of fossil fuels is necessary for us to deliver quality programs and services to our residents, we are taking steps to ensure that our carbon footprint is reduced and the impact on our ratepayers is minimized.

We expect that the impact of the implementation of the Federal and Provincial measures could result in a 3% increase in the cost of our operations, myself and Town Council are keen to identify strategies that will generate the best results for reducing energy consumption, managing our budgets and taking steps that make us greener in our day to day operations.

Our “Green Team” is always looking at new ways to achieve this and to make everything we do more energy efficient. A couple of examples of the programmes that I want to highlight are:

  1. LED lighting at the Arena. These lights should reduce the energy consumption by 75% and CO2 emissions by over1,000 tonnes over a 12 year period. We are working with ATCO to create a program to update all the street lighting in the Town to LED lighting. Again making significant reductions in energy consumption.
  1. The Aquaplex upgrades will create important energy savings; the new pool liner has excellent insulation properties creating large energy efficiencies in water heating. In addition this new liner means the pool will not need to be emptied and repainted as part of regular annual maintenance as is the case now. This will save on water usage, water heating and chemical use. The carbon footprint of a Myrtha pool liner is 50% lower than a traditional pool made with concrete and tiles.
  1. Over the past three years, the Town has saved a substantial amount of money through the responsible management of energy contracts. This has made our operations more economical and made it possible for the Town to keep tax rates in check.

There is no denying in the short term the carbon tax will pose challenges to the work that we do, yet we remain committed to delivering programs and services that our residents have come to expect. At the end of the day, we continue to position Drumheller as an attractive place to live that is worth investing in and Council is committed to building on our success in the face of these challenges.

If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or the rest of Council at:

For more information about these new Federal and Provincial Taxes visit:

Details of the Alberta Carbon Tax and associated rebates can be found here: