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The Month in Review

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By: Mayor Terry Yemen

Wow! It has been a very exciting and a very busy April in Drumheller!

Telus started their 7.5 million dollar fibre optic project which will greatly enhance internet speeds in the valley.

This project will see an additional 5 jobs in the Town of Drumheller.

Atco Electric continues their expansion project and have officially moved from their office on highway 9 to their brand new location in the industrial park.

We also saw the start of construction on the new skateboard park located in the park near the Drumheller Aquaplex.

You probably noticed a large map regarding the cast-iron replacement in the downtown in the Town Page of Inside Drumheller.

After this summer’s phase is complete, there will only be one more year left and the project will be complete, leaving Drumheller with fantastic new water infrastructure going forward.

In addition to all of this, town council has approved a new development between the Huntington and Hillsview neighborhoods which will open 32 new lots.

When this development is completed it will be a combination of duplexes and single residence.

We’re gearing up for a busy May in Drumheller as well.

I encourage you to take in the Drumheller Miners Festival organized by the Atlas Coal Mine May 1st-3rd and East Coulee Spring Fest is a must for all music lovers in the valley, May 8th-9th.

I want to extend greetings to all of our visitors and I hope you enjoy your visit to The Dinosaur Capital of the World!