The Town of Drumheller is responsible for providing citizens with water and wastewater services. The Town’s utility billing provides billing services for the following services to residents of the region:

The Town of Drumheller provides water services to most locations in Drumheller. Properties in Wayne, Lehigh, East Coulee and parts of North Drumheller are not connected to the Town’s water system. Operation of the Town’s water and wastewater system is directed by Town bylaw. The Town also provides water to customers outside of Drumheller. The Town currently supplies water to the Kneehill Regional Water Services Commission,the Starland Water Authority and Kneehill County. In total, over 8,000 customers are served by Town of Drumheller Water outside of Drumheller. Rates for these customers are set by their respective commissions and municipalities. In Town, water rates are set annually by Council by bylaw.

Other Information 
Billing Dates - The utility bills are prepared about the 10th of the month following of service and are due on the 5th of the month following the billing date. Example: The January utility service is billed on February 10th and is due on March 5th. Penalty Rates - Accounts not paid by the due date are charged a penalty of 2% of the balance outstanding.

Want to learn how to read your water meter? Check this link out!

Utility Deposit

All residents, with the exception of Wayne, Lehigh and Cambria, are service by the Town’s waste water collection system.  In Town, waste water rates are set annually by Council by bylaw. Want to conserve water? Consider replacing your toilet with a toilet that uses 6 liters of water or less. Check the following document out for performance ratings on various toilet models. 
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