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We are excited to announce our NEW Summer Programming!

Welcome to Camp BCF!! 

Registration Opens June 5th!

Registration Forms available here.  

 Our Summer Programming has taken on a new identity. Formerly 'Summer Fun', Camp BCF offers a new, refreshing approach to your child's summer experience. Camp BCF is a hands-on day time program that is facilitated by a team of energetic, creative and fun loving leaders. Camp BCF offers new experiences, opportunities and growth including weekly adventures to excite and engage your child. Camp BCF is offered as a full week program with an adventure day in harmony of the theme of each camp week.

What's different this year? We now have Half-Day specialized programming to suit different interests of each child. Camp BCF Half days are inspired by recreation, arts and culture that is true to a fun-filled childhood.


Click HERE to view a full list of the Camp BCF programs!

Get ahead of the game by downloading Camp BCF registration forms and having them filled out before June 5th. Registration forms available here!


The Town of Drumheller is pleased to be able to offer parents and children this summer recreation opportunity. We encourage you to use this information as a reference for your child’s program. Our aim is to provide your child with an affordable and quality experience.


Your participation in the program is vital and we encourage you to drop in at any time although pre-registration is encouraged.  Our goal is to provide a safe and stimulating program for children in our community.


Services: The program is delivered through July and August at the Badlands Community Facility (BCF). Registration is open for any child aged 6 years (as of September 30, 2017) to 12 years with the inclusion of children who have special needs providing the parent acquires necessary supports for the child.  Exceptions for children less than 6 years of age may be approved at the discretion of the Program Coordinator (all children must be completely trained to independently use the washroom).  Participants may register at the Information Desk in the Badlands Community Facility. Registration is weekly. Adequate and accurate records shall be maintained for children and their parents/guardians.


The program environment shall be safe and maintained in good order. Parents are responsible for providing snacks and lunch for their children unless otherwise stated.  Activities will include field trips both in and out of town. A program plan shall be designed to ensure that the child’s developmental, emotional, and intellectual needs are met.  The program shall ensure that an adequate mix of recreation, indoor/outdoor activities, arts and crafts activities and age appropriate use of community resources are supplied within applicable health and safety requirements. Policies and practices shall be supported which recognize health practices and the health needs of the participants. Staff shall be adequately trained and supervised.


Hours of Operation: The program runs Monday to Friday for 9 weeks.  Participant hours are 8:30 am – 4:30 pm with the exception of statutory holidays.  The program offers 8:00am drop off and 5:00pm pick-up for a minimal fee.  For pick up after 5:00 pm a fee of $20.00 per occurrence will be applied.  Fees do not include GST.  All NSF Payments will be charged $20.00.  Registration and payment must be received by registration deadline.


Admissions: It is very important that you notify the staff (403-823-1370) of any changes in regard to:


•           Addresses or phone numbers


•           Emergency arrangements


•           Family status


•           Change in children’s environment


•           Exposure to any communicable disease


•           Changes to arrangements for drop offs or pick-ups


Cancellation/Withdrawal Procedure: Please notify the CAMP BCF Staff (823-1369) as soon as possible if your child will not be attending for a specific date or time. Failure to do so will result in being charged for the time booked. As per Badlands Community Facility guidelines, refunds will require one-week written cancellation notice.  Credit may be approved when notice has been given to the Program Staff (403-823-1369). 


Arrivals/Departures: Upon arrival your child must be signed in by a designated adult. Children are not allowed to sign themselves in.  

Only persons designated on the registration form will be allowed to pick up your child/children. Upon signing out your child our staff will no longer be responsible for them. In an emergency, authorization of an additional designated adult (or other specific arrangements) can be made with the Program Coordinator (403-823-1369).  Picture identification is mandatory.


Clothing: Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times; absolutely no flip flops!  Clean indoor running shoes must be worn in the field house. Please ensure that children are dressed appropriately for all different types of weather. We recommend that all clothing and belongings be labeled.  Seasonal items that may be required will include, swimming suit, towel, hat, sunscreen and bug repellent. Please ask upon registering your child if any additional items will be required. 


Snacks & Lunch: Unless otherwise stated, parents are required to send lunch, two snacks and drinking water with their child every day.


Outings: All children will be outside for play times or short walks on a daily basis when the weather permits. A parental consent form is to be signed when upon initial registration. For major field trips that involve transportation, a specific form will be available at drop off/pick up times on the first day of the week. The parents must approve this trip before the child can participate. 


Toys: Toys and equipment are provided at the Badlands Community Facility. Children are discouraged from bringing their own, as we cannot be responsible for lost or broken toys.  Toys and equipment are checked regularly for hazards.  We are a “War Free” play environment and will discourage violence.


First Aid: Kits are available, easily accessible, and are always well supplied.  Portable first aid kits are checked on a regular basis and kept with program staff. All staff are required to be first aid and CPR trained.


Health Policy: Parents are to notify the Program Coordinator of any communicable disease a child may have come into contact  with (lice, measles, chicken pox etc). Authorization from a Doctor or Health Nurse must be received before your child will be re-admitted to the program.


Parents are requested to notify the program if your child is ill.


In an emergency, the staff on duty will take whatever immediate steps are necessary to get medical help.


In an emergency where a child must go to the hospital, the following procedure will be taken, unless parents request otherwise:


•           Staff member will call 911. You or one of your emergency contacts will be contacted immediately and asked to meet emergency vehicle at hospital.


Medications: Please inform the Program Coordinator if your child is on any medication, or needs medication in case of emergency. This includes inhalers and Epi Pens. If your child has emergency medication please inform staff of where it will be kept (ie. exact pocket in backpack). The CAMP BCF staff is not responsible for administering medication of any kind. In case of emergency staff will assist and proper emergency procedure will follow.


Hygiene Practices: Hygiene and Health and Safety Polices have been established to ensure that a healthy and safe environment is maintained at all times.


Discipline: Behavior management through preventive intervention strategies is the process of discipline employed by the CAMP BCF Program. This method serves to guide children’s behavior while protecting and enhancing their self-esteem. 


Prevention strategies are based on the knowledge of child development, recognizing each child as a unique individual, by implementing appropriately planned programs and setting clear simple limits or logical natural consequences of limits are explained to children. (For example: You must tell the staff when you leave the room, because I will worry if I don’t know where you are.) Children are encouraged to solve their conflicts by teaching them how to problem solve. With staff guidance, children express feelings and work out solutions with those they are in conflict with.


Behaviour Management will be followed based on the following guidelines:


  • The CAMP BCF Program believes that a child is a person in their own right.
  • We believe every child has the right to be heard, to express themselves, to be loved and cared for no matter the age, color, or creed.
  • We also understand the need for children to have guidance.  We do not believe in corporal punishment of any kind: no yelling, hitting, slapping, biting, shaking, squeezing, kicking, or putting a child down, especially in front of his/her peers.
  • We believe that a child can be reasoned with most of the time by setting limits, setting standards of behaviour, providing explanations, providing choices, and being firm yet flexible.  If this does not remedy the problem, we believe in a logical consequence.


If there is any attempt of corporal punishment by any staff member(s), they will be suspended immediately.


Other discipline methods that are unacceptable and will be dealt with immediately include: harsh or degrading measures that humiliate or undermine the child’s self respect, isolating a child or withholding food, or clothing. Screening of applicants prior to employment prevents unacceptable staff being hired. The program strives to make sure that all children are being treated fairly, equally, and in a loving manner.


Discipline Policy and Staff: The Discipline policy will be given to staff at orientation.


Discipline Policy and Parents: The policy is discussed at time of registration and the parent is given a copy of the waiver information on the receipt of payment of program. If there is a discipline concern it is brought to the attention of the Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator is responsible to keep the parent informed of any issues regarding their child.


Emergency Evacuation and Fire Drill Procedure: If an emergency arises, all participants will proceed to a safe evacuation site. Parents or guardians will be contacted for pick up. 


Daily Programming: Parents will be provided with calendars that include daily itineraries. Please discuss any concerns with the CAMP BCF Coordinator.


Complaint Process:


•           Parents are requested to discuss any complaint, problem, or concern with the Program and/or Camp BCF Coordinator (403-823-1369).


*Note that children may be enrolled in both CAMP BCF and Swimming Lessons, please note this on the Registration Form.


For a printer friendly version of our program information above, click here .




Paint & Wine Night with Charlotte Mitchell                                                                                            

Sip wine, listen to tunes & meet new friends, all while creating art with our fun & experienced instructor. A picture will be broken down into its basic elements & you will be shown how to apply elements methodically to a canvas. No artistic skills required!  Check with our Information Desk or website for future dates for our Paint & Wine Nights!      


Watch for up coming dates for this popular event!


To register for Badlands Community Facility or Aquaplex programs, please phone the information desk at 403.823.1370. Check online for fees at http://www.dinosaurvalley.com/programs-and-schedules Email: programs@dinosaurvalley.com



Copy of Week 3

Membership Appreciation Week March 13th – 17th 

The Badlands Community Facility and Drumheller Aquaplex are excited to announce Membership Appreciation Week from March 13th – 17th. During this week, members may bring a friend to the gym or the Aquaplex for free (depending on your membership type); as well attend specific registered/drop-in fitness and aquafit classes for free with their friend. OR at the Aquaplex, bring a friend for free to any of our scheduled swim times, including all aquafit classes. Members who bring a friend will have opportunities to win daily prizes and swag such as water bottles, lanyards, heart rate monitors, gift certificates and much more.

Membership Appreciation Passport Contest:

If members attend 5 out of the 32 drop-in or registered classes listed on the Membership Appreciation Passport, they will be entered to win a 3 month membership extension! The rules are as follows: Attend 5 out of the 32 programs. Have instructors sign the square for the class you attended, and BCF and Aquaplex staff members for drop-in sports participated in. Submit no later than 10pm on March 20th to either the Aquaplex of BCF. Draw will be held on March 21st and winner will be contacted.

Membership Appreciation Passport1-w800-h600

Please download a copy of the Membership Appreciation Passport here  or pick up your own copy at either the Badlands Community Facility or Aquaplex.

We hope to see you during Membership Appreciation Week!



Are you a seasoned indoor cyclist who loves to spin and want to ensure that you get a bike when you come for class? The Badlands Community Facility and Certified CORE Cycling instructor Tina Buchberger are excited to offer an Advanced Indoor C.O.R.E. Cycling Class. Book your bike today for one of the BCF’s most popular fitness classes!


To register for this new class, call the Badlands Community Facility at 403-823-1370 or stop by the Information Desk during operating hours.

Wed | May 10 – Jun 14 | 7:15p – 8:15p

Deadline to Register has been extended to May 8 @ 4pm


Are you intimidated to try something new because you think you don’t know what you are doing? Do you enjoy outdoor cycling and miss the exercise that you get during the warmer days? The Badlands Community Facility and Certified C.O.R.E. Cycling instructor Tina Buchberger are excited to offer the Drumheller and area a Beginner Indoor C.O.R.E. Cycling Class.

C.O.R.E Cycling® is comparable to outdoor cycling keeping the class authentic to the outdoor cycling practices. If you have never tried CORE Cycling, here’s your opportunity! Learn terms like “Spin Up”, “Ladder” or “Pyramid”, how to sit on the bike properly and bike along to energetic music all in a fun, easy going beginner class.


Wed | Mar 22 – Apr 26 | 7:15p – 8:15p

Deadline to Register: Registration Closed


Stay tuned for future Beginner Indoor CORE Cycling classes!

Coming in May: More New CORE Cycyling Classes! 

Advanced Indoor CORE Cycyling. Classes start up May 10th.  

Deadline to Register: May 3 @ 4pm


To register for Badlands Community Facility or Aquaplex programs, please phone the information desk at 403.823.1370. Check online for fees at http://www.dinosaurvalley.com/programs-and-schedules

Email: programs@dinosaurvalley.com



Come join us for a night of signs and wine! 

The Badlands Community Facility's first ever Sign and Wine DIY workshop will teach you techniques that you can use for creating décor pieces for your home. Build on-trend, yet farmhouse classic, inspirational pieces of décor for your home. Necia’s Notables offer a vintage, timeless look with accents of colour and weathered wood to help culture your inner DIY design skills.

Just bring your creativity and a willingness to learn and you will build a wooden sign piece from scratch that is worthy of your walls. Come alone or bring your friends and family to share in our wood sign workshops.  You will have a creative experience you won’t forget!


Watch for up coming dates for this popular event!


About Necias Notables: 

"Necia’s Notables was started back in 2010 and is a creation that stems from my love of the written word and my passion for unique home décor. While my first college degree was Graphic Arts that was some time ago and my career took a very different path until I jumped back into it six years ago. Moving back to my family home I built a storefront and workshop and have slowly been building my company.  I feel blessed to be able to create for a living especially being able to do it at HOME.

I use Chalk Paint and Acrylics and Water based stains to get the various effects on each piece of wood.  I prefer that no one piece is ever the same and have few rules that I follow closely. This allows for truly unique product. All wood is sealed using a wax or liquid sealant for its protection.   It is not our intent to manufacture pieces that can be bought at your typical home decor store.  Our customers look for that one of a kind item that may look like something they have seen but is truly unique to them. The DIY Nights and classes allow our customers to take their participation a step further."