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Beginner Yoga with Tarren Berlando

Feeling pulled to yoga? But are you also feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of a packed room watching you try to pull your foot over your head? Don't worry. We feel you. The Badlands Community Facility is proud to offer you a dynamic beginner’s yoga program that develops at your own pace. Easy postures with a lot of room for learning, in a total judgment free, expectation free yoga zone.



Tue | Apr 25 – May 30 | 12:00p-1:00p

 Deadline to Register: Registration Closed



Thu | Apr 27 – Jun 1 | 6:15p-7:15p

Deadline to Register: Registration Closed


Tue | Jun 6 – Jun 27 | 12:00p-1:00p

Deadline to Register: May 30 @ 4pm


Thu | Jun 8 – Jun 29 | 6:15p-7:15p

Deadline to Register: Jun 1 @ 4pm


To register for Badlands Community Facility or Aquaplex programs, please phone the information desk at 403.823.1370. Check online for fees at