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Come join us for a night of signs and wine! 

The Badlands Community Facility's first ever Sign and Wine DIY workshop will teach you techniques that you can use for creating décor pieces for your home. Build on-trend, yet farmhouse classic, inspirational pieces of décor for your home. Necia’s Notables offer a vintage, timeless look with accents of colour and weathered wood to help culture your inner DIY design skills.

Just bring your creativity and a willingness to learn and you will build a wooden sign piece from scratch that is worthy of your walls. Come alone or bring your friends and family to share in our wood sign workshops.  You will have a creative experience you won’t forget!

March 24th, 2017 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Deadline Registration: March 17, 2017

Total Price: $55.23


About Necias Notables: 

"Necia’s Notables was started back in 2010 and is a creation that stems from my love of the written word and my passion for unique home décor. While my first college degree was Graphic Arts that was some time ago and my career took a very different path until I jumped back into it six years ago. Moving back to my family home I built a storefront and workshop and have slowly been building my company.  I feel blessed to be able to create for a living especially being able to do it at HOME.

I use Chalk Paint and Acrylics and Water based stains to get the various effects on each piece of wood.  I prefer that no one piece is ever the same and have few rules that I follow closely. This allows for truly unique product. All wood is sealed using a wax or liquid sealant for its protection.   It is not our intent to manufacture pieces that can be bought at your typical home decor store.  Our customers look for that one of a kind item that may look like something they have seen but is truly unique to them. The DIY Nights and classes allow our customers to take their participation a step further."