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Are you intimidated to try something new because you think you don’t know what you are doing? Do you enjoy outdoor cycling and miss the exercise that you get during the warmer days? The Badlands Community Facility and Certified C.O.R.E. Cycling instructor Tina Buchberger are excited to offer the Drumheller and area a Beginner Indoor C.O.R.E. Cycling Class.

C.O.R.E Cycling® is comparable to outdoor cycling keeping the class authentic to the outdoor cycling practices. If you have never tried CORE Cycling, here’s your opportunity! Learn terms like “Spin Up”, “Ladder” or “Pyramid”, how to sit on the bike properly and bike along to energetic music all in a fun, easy going beginner class.


Wed | Mar 22 – Apr 26 | 7:15p – 8:15p

Registration Closed


Stay tuned for future Beginner Indoor CORE Cycling classes coming in Fall 2017!


To register for Badlands Community Facility or Aquaplex programs, please phone the information desk at 403.823.1370. Check online for fees at