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Do you need help reaching your next fitness level or achieving your fitness goals? Let the Bio-Metrics Team help!


Bio-Metric Inc. is a Mobile Sport Performance Testing Lab providing state of the art Body Composition (Fat), VO2Max, Lactate Threshold Testing and Resting Metabolic Rate.


Bio-Metrics can help you with:

  • Finding Your Baseline – How are you going to reach your goals when you don’t even know where you started?
  • Tracking Your Progress - Are your programs giving you the results you want? If they are...GREAT! Keep doing what your doing. If NOT, this brings us to the most powerful reason why you should perform regular testing.  Without this knowledge you could literally waste months or even years in the gym before making a change in your programming, which brings us to point #3...
  • Tweaking Your Programming - We now have the opportunity to make changes to your nutrition and training programs so we can...
    Achieving  Results Faster - Unless you have 6 hours a day to hang out in a gym then getting some testing done may not be for you...

Dates and Registration
Bio-Metrics will be at the Badlands Community Facility on May 4th, 2015, from 4pm – 8pm.


To book your test visit and click on the “Book Your Appointment HERE” link or email Gregg at


More Information
For more information please visit or call Gregg at (403) 358-0060.