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The Badlands Community Facility will be promoting recreation and parks in Drumheller!


With the help of the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association the BCF


will be using three exciting,age-inclusive challenges for this year’s JRPM! 


Stay tuned throughout this week for releases on the details of each challenge!


What is "June is Recreation and Parks Month"?

June is Recreation and Parks Month (JRPM) is a fun and exciting way to celebrate

recreation and parks and promote its many benefits.

JRPM Ambassadors from all over Alberta engage their neighbours

and colleagues in local events, programs and activities

that encourage participation in recreation and parks.


Who should participate?

Everyone! Organizations, municipalities, schools, businesses, and individuals are

invited to participate in recreation and parks or become

ambassadors and engage their community with local activities.

Watch the BCF's Facebook Page for updates throughout

the month of June for how you can participate locally!


How can I join?

Try our three exciting, age-inclusive challenges

- you could win a MEC gift card or 2016 National Parks Family Pass!


For more information on our challenges, follow these links: 

Creative Recreation 

Active Office Challenge