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We recognize our young people as valuable contributors to our community.

Our youth services provide many avenues for the young members of our Town to cultivate self-awareness and learn important life skills.

In addition, they get to develop their talents, self-confidence, and a sense of civic responsibility.


Roots of Empathy 

Our Roots of Empathy Program takes places once per month during term time and will start again in October. It is designed for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students. A trained Facilitator along with a parent and their child lead learning sessions that focus on empathy for emotional growth.

This aims to orient our young students on the value of interpersonal relationships rooted on care for one another.

At the moment, we are holding these sessions at Greentree Elementary School and St. Anthony’s School.


Before and After School 

The Before and After School Program, on the other hand, aims to provide supervised and strategically structured learning activities for children before and after attending formal education.

In these sessions, our child participants are able to have meaningful interactions with their peers with activities that promote physical and psychological development.  

For the first child participating, the rate is $13.50 while families having two or more children who are registered as full-time in the program need to address a $11.00 charge per additional charge.

For more information about this program, you may contact us at (403) 823-1324 or email

Once registered, you will receive bills via email or regular mail and they may be paid at the Badlands Community Facility, (403) 823-1370. 


Community Building Initiatives 

Our Community Building Initiatives focus on community youth organizations and events that promote the welfare of our youth in many ways.

In this respect, our efforts focus on the synergy of two areas, namely addressing the issue of youth at risk and maintaining a healthy learning environment for the young members of our community.

For inquiries about community building initiatives, please call (403) 823-1365.



For more information about our youth services in general, you can reach us at (403) 823-1315 and our dedicated coordinators will be more than happy to address your concerns.