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Our community is sustained by a strong economy.

Agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, tourism, and the service sector are vital to Drumheller’s success. These sectors hire and retain valuable employees, which helps Drumheller grow.

There are many large and important businesses and organizations in our Town.

Here is a list of some of those key contributors:




Canalta Group

1103 Highway 10

3200 across Alberta and 


Correctional Service of Canada
Highway 9, Drumheller


Alberta Health Services 
351 9th St. NW


Canalta Hotels
1103 Highway 9 S

3200 across Alberta
and Saskatchewan

Town of Drumheller
224 Center St.


Royal Tyrrell Museum
Highway 838 Midland Provincial Park

Fall / Winter: 110 
Spring / Summer: 170

1801 S Railway Ave.


Freson Brothers
101 6th Ave. SE


Drumheller Co-op
555 Alberta 10


ATCO Electric
919-11th Ave. SW, Calgary


110 Ralway Ave.


Extra Foods
1252 Highway 9 S


Tim Hortons
1101 Alberta 9


Pronghorn Controls
601 9th SW


290 2nd Ave N


Cervus Equipment
3094 Highway 10


Glover International Trucks
585 Premier Road


Inland Plastics
201 Center St., Rosedale


Rocky Mountain Equiment
ighway 10 



Truly, our Town's economic situtation make it a place where you are welcome not only to a serene community but a prosperous one. 


In today’s fast paced world, being connected is absolutely vital. Whether it's keeping in touch with friends, cooking your favorite meal, or taking a relaxing shower, utilities play a huge role in your life. Drumheller has numerous places to get you up and operating! Here you’ll find information on phones, internet connection, electricity, water, and gas.

 housing for website 2017

It doesn’t matter where you live in Drumheller because you are guaranteed two things: Friendly people and stunning scenery!

Compared to other communities in the province, Drumheller is quite affordable.

The average price for a single detached home is $244,000.00. Depending on the time of year, the average home can spend about 81 days on the market.

Below is a list of real estate offices who can provide information on listings:




Home-Town Realty

133 - 3rd Ave W

(403) 823-3311

Century 21

145-3rd Ave. W

(403) 823-2121


320 Center Street

(403) 823-7777


When relocating to any new community often the question of “what’s available to rent?” comes up.

For your convenience, please refer to the following list:

  • Century 21, 145 3rd Avenue West: (403) 823-2121;
  • Castellana Villa, 1st Street West: (403) 823-1875;
  • Halsbury House, 215 5th Street West: (403) 823-6343;
  • Hunts Place Apartments. 1 Hunts Drive: (403) 820-1665;
  • Lamar Manor, 205 5th Street West: (403) 820-2100;
  • Quadra Apartments, 411 11th Avenue Southeast: (403) 856-4401;
  • Juniper Apartments, 990 12th Avenue Southeast: (403) 856-4401; 
  • Twin Hills Apartments, 421 11th Avenue Southeast: (403) 870-3899;
  • Subsiding Housing, Greentree or Hunts: (403) 823-2121; 
  • Sandstone Manner Affordable Housing: (403) 823-2121;
  • Bankview 4plexes: (403) 823-2121; 
  • Cedar Manor: (403) 823-2121, and;
  • Smith Manor: (403) 823-2121.

Our community is rich with housing properties in quiet and prosperous areas. We have no doubt that our valley is a place that you can call home. 


The Drumheller Health Center offers acute care, mental health care, public health services, continuing care, and 24-hour emergency services.

The hospital is located at 351 9th Street NW.


There are two medical clinics in Drumheller


1) Riverside Medical

For same day appointment call (403) 823-5000

Located at

180 Riverside Drive East, Drumheller, AB T0J0Y0


Visit their website at:

Follow them on Facebook

2)  Drumheller Associated Physicians 

Located at 140 Riverside Dr. E. Drumheller AB

Phone: (403) 823-3345 or email


Visit their website at:

There is a Walk In Clinic

Monday - Friday
Noon - 5:00

Several of their family doctors are accepting new patients.


Drumheller has several dental offices dedicated to helping you and your families with professional and quality care:


Dental Clinic


Big Country Dental

394 1st St. E

(403) 823-4944

Riverside Dental Clinic

180 Riverside Drive E

(403) 823-7755

Green Tree Dental

Green Tree Mall on Highway 10 E

(403) 823-8228


There are two optometry clinics in Drumheller who are committed to providing excellent eye care:   


Optometry Clinic


H and H Optical and Hearing 

50 3rd Ave.

(403) 823-2020

For Sight Vision Center

Valley Plaza, 239 3rd Ave.

(403) 823-2260


For denture fittings or repairs, Drumheller has two professional and experienced offices to help you:




Drumheller Denture Clinic

195-3rd Ave W

(403) 823-7081

Potter Denture Clinic

55 Riverside Drive E

(403) 823-2840