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To download the registration form for the Recreation Fee Assistance Program (RFAP) please click here. Fee assistance will be based on 50% of the regular (you, senior, adult, family) facility entrance (i.e. membership or drop-in) for the current year to the Badlands Community Facility or Drumheller Aquaplex. 

Please note RFAP memberships and inquiries are handled between Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM. 

Approval process can take up to 5 business days. If you are a current resident of the Town of Drumheller and one of the following applies to you, this process may take less time as these qualifications would make you automatically approved:

  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped
  • Income Support or another Alberta Works programs
  • Drumheller Housing Authority Tenant
  • Guaranteed Income Support
  • Refugee Status 

If you are not a recipient of any of the above programs or benefits listed above you may still qualify. Please click here for more information on how you may qualify. Please inquire with Management, or our Supervisors at both the Drumheller Aquaplex or Badlands Community Facility.

Spray park

If you want to have a great time with the family this summer, this Drumheller Rotary Spray Park is the place to be!

The spray park is located in front of the world's largest dinosaur and the Drumheller Aquaplex.  

This spray park is dedicated to the children of Drumheller through leadership from the committed members of the Drumheller Rotary Club on June 9, 2001.

The Rotarians also acknowledge the generous contributions of the following: 

  • Town of Drumheller;
  • Community Facility Enhancement Program;
  • Community Lottery Board;
  • Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, and;
  • Citizens of Drumheller.

The spray park normally operates from the May long weekend through to mid September with exceptions being on account of the weather and maintenance.

Our community is rich with facilities that you can utilitize to develop skills and strengthen your relationships. Whether it be serious training or just fun recreation, you can trust that our Town is developing the necessary areas and equipment that you need.

Looking to take a swim? We'll meet you at the Aquaplex! Looking to get a work-out in? The BCF is right here for your fitness needs. The Memorial Arena is a great way to get together with friends to watch and play a variety of sports.

If you feel like enjoying the view, be sure to check out our parks and trails for a relaxing experience. 


Miners park

The Recreation & Parks division of Community Services is responsible for facility development and operation, parks development, maintenance, and the delivery of recreation programs.

In our valley, our Ball Diamonds have been witness to many great games.  We maintain these facilities for the use of little league, fast ball, girl's softball, as well as adult slow pitch. 

To check for availability of Ball Diamonds, call 403-823-1324.

The Rosedale Ball Diamond is located on the corner of Hi-way 10 and 1st Street East in Rosedale while the Little League Ball Diamond can be found in the center of Drumheller, specifically Riverside Drive near 3rd Street.

In addition, the Midlandvale Ball Diamond is at 1st Avenue NW in Midland. 

In the Newcastle Beach area, there are 3 ball diamonds that you can visit to have fun.

Nevertheless, these ball diamonds are a day-use area that must be booked with us. Alcohol is not permitted and camping can only be done with permission during specific tournaments. 

The rates for ball diamonds, furthermore, are different for youth and adults.

For youth users, the following rates apply per diamond:  



Per game (2-3 hours duration)


Per day



While for adults, the charge for the use per ball diamond is: 



Per game (2-3 hours duration)


Per day



We also have beautiful parks with trail systems leading through a stunning tree line beside the Red Deer River.

Partici Park features a playground, washroom facilties, benches and picnic tables where you can enjoy your lunch while watching frolicking squirrels. This park is located along Riverside near 12th Street. 

On the other hand, Centennial Park can be found behind the Badlands Community Facility. It is a serene place to contemplate life while listening to the laughter of children in the Aquaplex's outdoor pool. 

Ball Diamonds and special events must be booked prior to use. 

For inquiries regarding our ball diamonds and their fees; parks, trails and their use including special events like weddings, please contact us at (403) 823-1324.