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Animal Control


We understand that your pets are a part of our community and are committed to promoting their welfare as much as we are dedicated to protecting yours.

Pet ownership is a serious commitment. With this in mind, knowing about animal control is an important part of being a responsible pet owner and member of our community.



A primary way to promote responsible pet ownership is being able to let our community know which pet belongs to your care.

That said, dogs and cats residing in the Town are required to be licensed.

Pet licenses assist our by-law officers in determining pet owners in the case of lost and found animals.

On this note, our Community By-law Enforcement officers will impound animals found running at large.

This is done for the protection of the animal and to return it to its lawful owner.

Our by-law officers also wish to minimize any issues involving an animal at large.

Officers will attempt to take the animal home if they are able to identify its owner.

If they are unable to do so the animal will be held under care as officers investigate to find its owner.

Owners of animals are responsible for any fees associated to the housing and care of the animal until it is returned home. 

If an animal is unclaimed after 72 hours it becomes the property of the Town. 

Our municipal enforcement officers will, in most cases, attempt to find a new owner for the unclaimed animal. 

If you are looking to adopt a pet, on the other hand, the Drumheller and District Humane Society can guide you in this process.

Our Responsible Pet Ownership By-law informs you of how to maintain and house your pet. 

In the event that you encounter a dangerous dog or cat, you may contact our by-law officers or alert the RCMP.

Upon doing so, our by-law enforcement services, at times in coordination with the RCMP, will investigate the complaint and handle the situation in accordance with municipal and provincial law. 



In the event a violation of the animal by-laws has been commmitted, the following penalties and fees apply:

  • Failure to Comply with Order to Remedy: $250.00
  • Owner of Animal Running at Large
    1. 1st Offense: $100.00
    2. 2nd Offense: $150.00
    3. 3rd Offense: $250.00
  • Unlicensed Dog or Cat
    1. 1st Offense: $50.00
    2. 2nd Offense: $150.00
    3. 3rd Offense: $250.00
  • Dog Biting a Human or Another Animal
    1. 1st Offense: $250.00
    2. 2nd Offense: $500.00
  • Animal Cruelty: $500.00
  • Annoying, Tormenting, or Harassing an Animal: $350.00
  • Pet Habitually Disturbing Others or Causing a Nuisance
    1. 1st Offense: $100.00
    2. 2nd Offense: $150.00
    3. 3rd Offense: $250.00
  • Keeping Animals in Excess of Limit: $250.00


For more information about tickets and orders to remedy, please call (403) 823-1363.


As regards to wild animals, we advise the members of our community to take extra precaution.

Please refrain from approaching or feeding a wild animal. 

If you find a deceased animal in public property, kindly contact the by-law office for assistance.

In the event that you encounter a wild animal that you feel may pose a threat, please avoid it and alert the RCMP, the Provincial Fish and Wildlife Office at (403) 823-1670 or our by-law officers.


For more information, please refer to our by-laws on this matter.

If you find an animal at large, lost your pet, or would like to report any other animal-related concern, please click on this link.

For immediate concerns, please call our by-law officers for assistance at (403) 823-1363, our general Town number at (403) 823-6300, or our Emergency hotline at (403) 823-2512.