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Here is an update on the status of the Outdoor Pool.

The leak was located and fixed late last week and the concrete on the pool deck was poured today - Monday.

Staff will start filling the pool tomorrow - Tuesday. Water samples will then be sent to Alberta Health for testing; with the aim of getting the pool open to the public as soon as possible.





Many people are wondering about the dead wood in some of the elm trees and why these are not being removed.

There is an Alberta wide ban on pruning elm trees from March 31 until September 30.

Here is the link to the government website which has more  information on elm pruning ban






In April, 2017 the Government of Canada introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis by July 2018. The federal bill creates a strict legal framework to control how cannabis is produced, distributed and sold. The federal bill also defines the legal age and possession amount for cannabis. Visit theGovernment of Canada website for more information on the federal legalization and regulation of Cannabis. In February 2018, the Government of Alberta released legislation and regulations regarding cannabis legalization. Visit the Government of Alberta website to read the Alberta Cannabis Framework.
Cannabis refers to any product made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is also commonly known as 'marijuana', 'weed', or 'pot'. It can be smoked, used with a vaporizer, or added to food or drinks. Only dried and fresh cannabis, cannabis oils and seeds, and plants for personal cultivation will be legal for purchase. The sale of edible products will follow at a later date.
Many topics related to the legalization of cannabis are beyond the powers of the Town of Drumheller, including at what age individuals may purchase cannabis and laws related to drug-impaired driving, but the Town of Drumheller can regulate Retail Locations and Operational Rules; Land Use and Zoning; and Public Consumption.
The Town of Drumheller is looking for your feedback on the proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw that will be before Council in June 2018. These changes outline rules for cannabis development that will be incorporated into Drumheller's existing land use bylaw. This Bylaw will 
• Determine where cannabis stores can be located
• Set rules for store operation
• Develop land use regulations and
• Establish business license processes for cannabis store

Discussions will follow on rules for public consumption



The Rotary splash park will be closed on Tuesday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 13.
Crews are applying a new non slip sealant on the surface of the park. 



Tests carried out for the preparation to get the fountain operational showed that there is a significant amount of water loss occurring. This indicates at least one  leaking point and so crews are currently working with an engineering firm to come up with a solution to these leaks. It imay be the fountain will not be operational this summer.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.





Reminder that decks, fences and sheds being constructed may require a development and building permit from the town. Applications for permits must be taken prior to construction to ensure compliance with by-laws and building codes.

Therefore we strongly recommend that people looking to put up a fence, deck or shed contact our Development Team before any construction begins, to talk about any development requirements. They can be contacted at 403 823 1310 or



Each year the Town of Drumheller's Facilities crew tests the water for the fountain located on 1 Ave W and HWY 56. This is a regular process to test the fountain operational condition prior to having it fully operational during the summer months. Residents and visitors will see crews testing the fountain on Friday May 18. Please watch for further announcements. 


Due to some operational issues there may be some slight disruption to garbage collection in the next few days. 

If their garbage has been missed, please call Public Works at (403) 823-1330 and they will contact GFL to coordinate for a return pickup trip.

Ball Diamond 1 Repair

It was brought to the attention of the Town of Drumheller's Public Works Team that the Newcastle Beach Ball Diamond #1 is in need of repair of the backstop mesh. The fencing is lifting and is a safety concern. The repairs will be made the week of May 14 - 17th, 2018. We ask that community members be aware of the fencing and avoid using Ball Diamond #1 until repaired. 



The Town of Drumheller anticipates that the spring street sweeping will start on Tuesday May 15, 2018.  The Public Works team will start Downtown - next stage will be the East boundaries at Drumheller Valley Secondary School. The sweeping will progress towards the West boundaries (Nacmine & Midland).

There will be No Parking in the downtown area during the sweeping process. Please be aware that the street sweeper may cause a slower traffic flow. 

This is a part of the Town beautification and to keep the streets clean and inviting to the residents and tourists during summer time.