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Here you can read the Financial Indicators of Drumheller as produced by the Government of Alberta.

Drumheller financial Indicators report 2016

These are a series of indicators which compare the finances of the Town of Drumheller with other similar municipalities across the province.

The first few graphs illustrate the equalization payments calculated by the Province. These use property values in a municipality to calculate the payments made to funds such as education and seniors. You can find more information via this link. A guide to equalization payments 

Other information includes:

Property taxes compared to other municipalities - on page 10 

How user fees for recreation and permits,for example, compare to other similar towns in Alberta. Page 12

How spending is divide on different areas of business page 14

The municipality does have higher debt levels than average. However our asset ratio is 2.47 (this means our assets are worth 2.47 times our debt)  so we can pay our debt twice over if we had to. Page 23.

The final page is the list of towns included in the comparison. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask mayor or council. They can be contacted at MayorAndCouncil@dinosaurvalley.com or 403 823 1339.