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Drumheller Town Council is committed to involving the people of our community in the following decision making processes.

1) Drumheller is looking for volunteers to form a working group to share community concerns and provide input on changes to the Community Standards Bylaw. The Community Standards Bylaw regulates the conduct of people on private and public property to promote a safe and enjoyable community. Common bylaw complaints include noise, parking, litter, run down properties, weeds, trees and other nuisances. You may access the Community Standards Bylaw 16.10 on the Town's website by following the link GOV at the top and then clicking on the right hand side Bylaws and Policies.

2) Drumheller is looking for volunteers to form a second working group to share ideas about how the Town can enhance and preserve its character, scenery, history and aesthetics through the community's tourism corridor (along the primary highway route). It is proposed that Council will adopt a Tourism Corridor Bylaw in the near future.

Should you be interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Linda at 403-823-1339 or by sending an email to

Thank you.