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$2 parking charge now in place at the Hoodoos Parking Lot

There is now a $2 parking charge at the Hoodoo parking lot. 

 It is a pilot project to take the burden off of the taxpayers as we are trying to find ways to enhance the parking lot such as resurfacing which could cost over one hundred thousand dollars. 

The charge will be in place until the end of the summer and we will review the feedback at the end of the program to see if it will be pursued for the future.

There will be town staff at the Hoodoo parking lot Thursday to Monday taking the $2 charge. People can pay with credit, debit or cash.

It is planned that if all goes well at the Hoodoo parking lot, It could be set in place at other tourist sites in Drumheller, such as the Suspension Bridge. 

If anyone has any further questions please contact us at 403 823 1320.

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