Get in the know about cannabis |

Get in the know about cannabis

 Bylaw 10.18 on Cannabis Consumption was passed by Town Council on July 9th 2018.

The Bylaw states:

A person must not smoke, vape or consume what appears to be Cannabis in any public place within the Town limits.

This restriction does not include any person who is entitled to possess cannabis pursuant to a medical document pursuant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, SOR/2016-230. However they must adhere to the Provincial Regulations that govern public consumption. They must also on demand of a Peace Officer, produce a copy of their medical documentation.

According to The Province of Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act. A Public Place is defined as "any place within the municipality to which the public may have either expressed or implied access, and; any motor vehicle located in a public place or in any place open to public view".

Currently Cannabis is not allowed to be smoked at any public event in Drumheller

The specified penalty for an offence committed pursuant to this Bylaw is established as follows:

First time offence $50

Second and subsequent offences $ 100.00

Useful places for more information include

AHS Drug Safe

Drug Free Kids Canada:

Canada's Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines:

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction:

Health Canada (Info on Medical Cannabis):

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