Notice to Ratepayers- 2019 Assessment and Tax notices |

Notice to Ratepayers- 2019 Assessment and Tax notices

Please be advised that the 2019 Assessment and Tax Notices were mailed on May 17, 2019.

Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, sections

285 and 311, the Assessment Roll of the Town of Drumheller will be open to inspection

during regular office hours at the Town Office for a minimum of sixty (60) days after the

notice of assessment date, or to July 24, 2019.If you or your agent desire to object to the

entry or omission of your name or any other name upon the said roll, or object to your

assessment or any other assessment, you or your agent must, by July 24, 2019, lodge

your complaint, on the prescribed form, with the Assessment Review Board Clerk at the Town of Drumheller.

A fee of $50 per assessment for residential and farmland, or $650 per assessment for other

types of assessment must accompany the complaint form.The Assessment Review Board

Complaint Form is available at Town Hall or on our website:

The fee may be refunded if the complaint is withdrawn prior to being heard by the board

or if the board rules in favor of the complainant.

Dated at the Town of Drumheller, Alberta, this 17th day of May, 2019.

Barbara Miller, CPA, CGA, CLGM

Deputy CAO/Director Corporate Services

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