New Playground Zones being introduced |

New Playground Zones being introduced

The Town of Drumheller recently carried out a review of the locations of playground zones in Drumheller; in accordance with the "Guidelines For School and Playground Zones and Areas" from Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation. Through this review we have determined that several new locations require designation as playground zones.These locations are:

  • East Coulee, on 1st and 2nd Ave by the park, Community Hall and East Coulee School Museum;
  • Drumheller, 1st Ave W at Rotary Park;
  • Nacmine, Hunter Drive and 3rd street by the community hall and recreation area;

In addition the playground zone on Cedar Crescent in Greentree, requires additional signage to reinforce the existence of this playground zone.

We will be installing playground zone signage and 30km/hr speed limit signs at these locations.

We expect to carry out this installation work throughout November, 2019. Please be aware and alert for changes in the speed limits. Residents in these areas are receiving letters through the mail informing them of the changes.

 For information 

In Playground Zones 

The speed limit is 30 km/h between 7:30am and one hour after dusk every day where playground zone signs are posted. 

You are not permitted to pass or attempt to pass another vehicle travelling in the same direction within a playground zone when the speed restriction is in effect.

Why Is It Important to Slow Down?

Below is an image showing stopping distances in ideal conditions

  • When the roads are wet or icy, you need 5 extra meters at 30 km/h and 10 extra meters at 50 km/h in order to stop safely

A 30 km/hr impact is the equivalent of falling from a second story window (3.5 metres). A collision at 50 km/hr is like falling from a fourth floor window (9.8 metres).

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