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Increase in User Fees

January 24, 2018

Town Council voted on Monday to increase a number of user service fees.

There will be a 2% increase to Recreation Access and Facility Rental Fees. These include the Aquaplex and BCF admission & membership fees: ice and ball diamond rentals as well as conference/room rentals. For example an adult multi-facility membership will increase from $634.75 a year to $646.50: an increase of $1.06 per month.

"Our recreation facilities offer a variety of fun sporting options for the public and service fees are an unfortunate necessity to maintain the high quality of the facilities," explained Paul Salvatore Director of Community Services. "A variety of Toonie activities and the Recreation Fee Assistance Program are just some of the ways we are working to ensure that the facilities are accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial abilities."

Council also voted for a 2% increase to cemetery fees. The new fees for the BCF, Aquaplex and the cemetery will come into effect on Thursday February 1st. Ice and ball diamond fees will begin at the beginning of their respective seasons.

For more information contact:
Darren Goldthorpe
Manager of Recreation, Arts and Culture
403 823 1364

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Centre-and-third Third-Ave

Here are the  initial designs for the new look to our downtown as presented to Council by the Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Downtown improvement was highlighted as a priority in the Economic Development Strategic Plan and this is part of that process.

These designs are the results from a series of public engagements and focus groups which started in spring 2017. This program was funded by a CARES (Community and Regional Economic Support) grant from the Alberta Government Department of Economic Development and Trade. Key feedback received was for more public gathering spaces, more shade and spaces for more public programming and economic activity in order to get more people spending time downtown. 

The next steps will be to take these designs back out to the public for feedback, followed by creating detailed plans and to set a timeline for implementing the plans. 


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Aquaplex Hot Tub

The town of Drumheller is eagerly awaiting final work on the hot tub and we want to provide an update as of today's date.

The major issue that we are dealing with is lower than expected flow rates, meaning that we have some work to do to reach the flow rates required by Alberta Health.

"The contractors have made a number of adjustments yet the flow rates are still not high enough to meet the new Alberta Health standards." explained Darryl Drohomerski CAO of the Town of Drumheller."All parties are working hard to get the hot tub up and running to complete this phase of the aquaplex modernization. The new facility is fantastic and we hope to have the hot tub open to guests by the end of January to add the final flourish to this greatly refreshed facility."


For more Information Contact:

Darryl Drohomerski

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Drum FM – email –;
Drumheller Mail – email -

To view the 2018 Regular Council Meeting and Committee of the Whole Meeting schedule,

please CLICK HERE .



2018 Drumheller Seniors Walking Challenge!

Make a great start to the New Year by joining us on Monday mornings at 9:30 am at the Badlands Community Facility walking track to sign-up for our 6th annual Seniors Walking Challenge. It is easy to participate, just record the number of steps you take each day for 4 weeks whether that is outside, inside or at the walking track. In the past we have collectively walked all the way to Florida, Mexico, France, Spain and across Canada for our 150th, so let's see how far we can go this year!! This is not a competition, but rather a challenge for anyone 55 years of age or older to increase your level of daily physical activity by walking a little more each day. Prizes are available. Guest speakers will share healthy living tips to get you motivated each week. Toonie drop in applies for the Monday morning walking program if you are not already a member and is available from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Wednesdays and Fridays as well. Contact Rose at the Seniors Office at 403-823-1317 for more information.



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New Director of Infrastructure Announced
January 5, 2018

The Town of Drumheller is excited to announce that Armia Mikhaiel has been hired as the new Director of Infrastructure Services.

Mr Mikhaiel is currently working with the City of Regina on their water and waste water distribution. Armia holds a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, along with a Diploma in Civil Engineering Design and Technology.

He has additional municipal experience with the City of Thompson, Manitoba; where he worked on engineering projects including roadways, storm water and water main rehabilitation as well as in project and asset management.

CAO, Darryl Drohomerski states; "we are excited to have Armia join us. He brings twenty years of experience, both in Canada and abroad. His experience in various municipal projects will be invaluable to both the infrastructure department and our whole organization. I encourage you to welcome him to Drumheller."

"I am thrilled to be joining the Town of Drumheller. It's a great opportunity for me and I can't wait to get started." added Mr Mikhaiel.

His anticipated start date with the Town of Drumheller is Monday January 15 2018.

For more information contact:
Julia Fielding
Economic Development and Communications Officer
403 820 1481

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Apply for disaster recovery funding if your home or business suffered flood damage in March 2017.  If you live in Drumheller and your home, business or property was damaged as the result of overland flooding or ground water seepage during the heavy rainfall on March 18, 2017, you may be eligible to receive Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) funding from the Government of Alberta.  DRP provides financial assistance for uninsurable property damage, loss and other expenses caused by natural disasters.  Speak with a Case Manager and Apply in Person.  Badlands Community Facility, 2nd Floor, 80 Veterans Way, Drumheller on January 18, 2018 from 8 am to 7 pm.   Please bring the following:  Government issued photo ID, Insurance letter, Utility bills 90 days prior to the event, If you own the property, the property tax assessment for 2017, If you are a tenant, the lease agreement covering the event date.  FOR MORE INFORMATION call 1-888-671-1111 or email  Or contact Greg Peters, Director of Protective Services, Town of Drumheller at 403-823-1363.


The following link provides a listing of rates for over 230 Alberta Municipalities 2017 


Alberta Municipal Utility Rates 2017



2018 Water Rates Approved by Council

On Monday December 11 2017, Council adopted the 2018 water rates. New rates come into effect on January 1st, 2018 with rates increasing by 5% for water and 2% for wastewater rates

For the average homeowner using 15,000 liters (15m3) of water per month, the increase will add up to an additional $2.70 per month, or $32.40 per year.

As part of the rate comparison, the town reviewed our water rates with over 225 municipalities from all parts of Alberta. (Link provided below*)

When compared with eight peer communities from the list; Drumheller's rates are very favourable. "We have one of the lowest water rates amongst comparable municipalities. This dispels the myth that rates/monthly bills are some of the highest in the province," noted Mayor Colberg.

In addition, Drumheller is the only Town amongst those surveyed that charges sewer rates at 80% of water consumption versus 100% for others. "This dispels the argument that the water on my lawn does not enter the sewer during the four months because for the other eight months it does", added Councilor Tony Lacher. He noted "we may not get a break on the water for two months during the summer; but we do get a break on the sewer for 12 months of the year."

"The Town of Drumheller utility service is fully supported through utility rates and is not funded through property tax," outlines Darryl Drohomerski, CAO of the Town of Drumheller. "Annual rate adjustments are necessary to cover increased operating costs associated with providing the service, to fund future capital improvements and to ensure the Town has adequate emergency funds for unexpected costs."

"We need to note that the Town is managing our water and sewer services responsibly. I would like to commend those who have set us on the right course with respect to a depreciating asset," says Lacher.

For more information contact:
Julia Fielding
Economic Development/Communications
Town of Drumheller
(403) 823-1320


Want to know more about utility rate comparisons in Alberta and how Drumheller stacks-up with other Towns and Cities? 

Click here for more info




Reality Bytes gets the IT contract for the Town of Drumheller

At the December 11th Council meeting through a unanimous decision Reality Bytes Incorporated were awarded the IT contract for the Town of Drumheller.

The IT contract will begin February 1st 2018 with the handover taking place throughout January from the current providers to Reality Bytes.


"Council heard presentations from three possible providers at the meeting on Monday and felt Reality Bytes offered the best option for the IT operations of the Town of Drumheller," explained Darryl Drohomerski CAO of the Town of Drumheller.


"We look forward to working with Reality Bytes, not only are they a local company, they also came in with a lower price. As council we are happy to be supporting our own as well as creating savings for our community," added Mayor Heather Colberg

For more information contact:

Julia Fielding
Economic Development/Communications
Town of Drumheller
(403) 823-1320