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What is Camp BCF

Camp BCF - Summer Camps

Camp BCF is a hands-on day time program that is facilitated by a team of energetic,creative and fun loving leaders. Camp BCF offers new experiences,opportunities and growth including weekly adventures to excite and engage your child. This camp is offered as a full week program with an adventure day in harmony of the theme of each camp week. Camp BCF is offered to children 6 - 12 years of age.

Our Half-Day Camps are specialized programming to suit different interests of each child.Camp BCF Half days are inspired by recreation, arts and culture that is true to a fun-filled childhood. 

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Yes! We have early drop off and late pick up available for an additional fee. Early drop off & Late pick up is available for 8:00AM & 5:00PM

​Absolutely! We welcome any participant that wants to join us on and adventure day, as long as they are registered before the deadline.

​Registration will open June 4th and registration deadlines are the Thursday prior to the themed week. For example, if the week of camp or adventure day you are interested in is July 16 - 20, the deadline for that week camp & adventure day is Thursday, July 12.

​Water, snacks, lunches, sunscreen, swimsuit, indoor and outdoor shoes!

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Upon signing the waiver, please indicate of any and all allergies. All snacks provided by Camp BCF are always nut free! If there are gluten allergies, separate snacks will be provided. EPIpens should be sent with child and notified on waiver, as well as informing a leader to where it's located. 

​Camp BCF is facilitated at the Badlands Community Facility. Camp BCF is a program specialised for children who are interested in recreation, arts and culture. Camp BCF is into its second year since the rebrand of Summer Fun.

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