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Canada Day in Drumheller is a fantastic opportunity to really show off. We've got hundreds of very hungry residents and visitors that just so happen to love food. 

They love food so much, that some of our vendors last year sold out in less than an hour.

If you are interested in joining our 'Food Truck Alley', please contact Erica at

We are looking for variety; all types of food are welcome.

The Council Committee Meeting of November 5th, 2018 is cancelled.

At the July 9, 2018, Regular Meeting, Council approved additional changes to the Council Meeting Schedule.

To view the amended schedule please  CLICK HERE



The Town of Drumheller will start the Fire Hydrant Flushing Program on Monday July 9, 2018.

The Hydrant Flushing will start at the Water Treatment plant and proceed to the East. This is a part of the Town’s annual maintenance program. For the anticipated start and finish dates for different zones, please click here for the map .

Hydrant Flushing increases the quality of our drinking water. This process is meant to get rid of any sediment, rust, and even chemicals can sometimes leach into the water system from broken pipes. Hydrant Flushing is essential to keeping our water safe and ultimately to maintain the integrity of the pipe network. The flushing program also allows workers to test and record flow values, which is necessary for fire flows from hydrants in order to maintain safety in the event of a disaster.

For any questions or concerns, please contact 403-823-6300.