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Glass markets require glass to be very clean (zero contamination).

In addition, they require large volumes that are sorted by grade and color.

Participation at this time is not economically viable. 



No. All acceptable materials generated through the program are recycled.



The Town and the Association have reviewed this method of recycling compostables and have decided that it is not an economically viable at this time.  



The Drumheller and District Regional Landfill accepts household toxic wastes year-round free of charge.

The Town of Drumheller provides ana nnual toxic waste round-up every spring. Please refer to further announcements on this matter. 

Commercial businesses are responsible for hiring an external service provider for their toxic waste disposal. 



Please refer to this page for hard to handle waste disposal options.

For more information, please call the landfill at (403) 823-1345.




The Drumheller & District Regional Landfill operates in two distinct schedules during the winter and summer seasons.

Summer Hours: May 1 to October 31



Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

8 am to 4:30 pm


8 am to 7 pm

Saturdays and Statutory Holidays

9 am to 5 pm

    The facility is open on the following statutory holidays:

  • Victoria Day;
  • Civic Holiday (August);
  • Labor Day, and;
  • Thanksgiving Day.

Winter Hours: November 1 to April 30



Monday to Friday

8 am to 4:30 pm


9 am to 5 pm

Sundays and Statutory Holidays


The landfill is closed on the following statutory holidays:

  • Remembrance Day;
  • Christmas Day;
  • New Years Day;
  • Family Day, and;
  • Good Friday.

 The following guidelines must be adhered to when disposing of waste at the Landfill: 

  • Disposal fees are in effect at the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill. Please ensure you have sufficient funds before entering the Landfill; 
  • The Executive Director of Operations or their designate will be the sole judge as to the classification and source of refuse delivered to the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill; 
  • Landfill attendants will inspect the loads to determine classification of the refuse. Identification may be required to verify the source. The decision of the Executive Director is final.
  • With regard to household waste, the following policy shall be in place for Town of Drumheller Residents Only: 



0 - 250 kg

$5.00 flat rate

251 kg and up

$62.50 / metric tonne

  •  With regard to demolition waste, the following rates apply: 



0 – 250 kg

$10.00 flat rate

251 and up

$62.50 / metric tonne


  • Where mixed loads are involved, the Executive Director of Operations or their designate shall be the sole judge of the rate to be applied for disposal, which will generally be based on the type of material with the highest applicable rate.
  • Customers with mixed loads, please separate and dispose of your waste, at individual disposal areas, as directed.
  • Licensed and Non-Licensed vehicle tires from within the region are accepted free of charge if the tires are counted, sorted according to size, and stacked in the applicable piles or placed in the supplied bin. Failure to comply will result in a $77.50/metric tonne charge.
  • Concrete and Asphalt (separated) is charged a $2.00/tonne handling fee. The concrete can be no larger than 3’ by 3’, the material must be able to fit into a crushing machine otherwise it has to be buried and the demolition rate applies.
  • Disposal of deceased large livestock and/or wild animals and domestic animals from commercial veterinarians and ranchers/farmers are required to pay $27.50/animal. A minimum of $75.00 equipment charge for immediate burial will be applied for large animals such as horses or pigs.
  • There is no disposal fee for small domestic animals. The Drumheller & District Regional Landfill no longer accepts dead cattle due to additional standards implemented by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  All animals must be deceased, the Landfill does not allow euthanizing on site.
  • Compost, such as lawn clippings, leaves and small trees and branches are free of charge for residents, commercial customers are required to pay $62.50/tonne.
  • Large caliper tree stumps & trunks (too large to cut for fire wood and stumps which will not decompose for hundreds of years) are charged at a rate of $62.50/tonne with a minimum of $5.00.
  • Waste water from manholes, culverts and underground lines will be disposed of at a rate of $80.00/truck load for a single axle, $105.00/truck load for a dual axle, and $130.00/truck load for a tri-axle, this type of waste is unacceptable for the sewage treatment facility.
  • 24-hour advance notice is required for disposal of hard to handle wastes and 48 hour advanced notice is required for the disposal of asbestos. The Executive Director of Operations or their designate will be the sole judge as to what requires special handling.
  • No large loads that require manual off loading will be accepted within 15 minutes of closing time.

Furthermore, the following rates apply for regional and non-regional services:




Non – Regional


$62.50 / tonne

(min. $5.00) (0 - 250 kg)

$121.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)


$62.50 / tonne

(min. $10.00)

$121.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)


$57.50 / tonne

(min. $10.00)

$116.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)

Residential Compost


$121.00 / tonne

Commercial Compost 

$62.50 / tonne

(min. $12.50)

$121.00 / tonne

Tree Stumps and Large Caliper Trunks

$62.50 / tonne

(min. $5.00)

$121.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)




Metal Disposal

$62.50 / tonne

(min. $5.00)

$121.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)

Freon Appliances

$15.00 each

$25.00 each

Major Appliances

$7.00 each

$25.00 each

Fluorescent Lights

(commercial only)

$2.50 / kg

(min. $10.00)

Do Not Accept

Dead Animals

(Large: Horse, Pig, Sheep)


Do Not Accept

Special Waste

Upon Analysis

Upon Analysis


$82.50 / tonne

(min. $50.00)

$180.00 / tonne

(min. $100.00)


$77.50 / tonne

If not placed into bin

Do Not Accept


$62.50 / tonne

(min. $25.00)

$121.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)

Oilfield Waste

$72.50 / tonne

(min. $25.00)

$180.00 / tonne

(min. $75.00)

Drilling Cement

$60.00 / tonne

$180.00 / tonne


In Town: $2.10 / tonne

Out of Town: $7.30 / tonne

Do Not Accept

Sump Waste

$62.50 / tonne

Do Not Accept

Waste Water / Truck Load

$80.00 / load (single axle)

$105.00 / load (dual axle)

$130.00 / load (tri-axle)

$135.00 / load (single axle)

$185.00 / load (dual axle)

$235.00 / load (tri-axle)

Truck Weights

$5.00 each

$20.00 each

Non – Profit Rate

$33.75 / tonne

Do Not Accept

Asphalt & Conrete

$2.00 / tonne

min $5.00 charge

$5.00 / tonne

min $25 charge

Equipment Time 

$200.00 / hour (flat fee)

(min. $75.00)

Do Not Accept


All waste material that enters the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill must be secure and firmly covered such that none of the material will leave the vehicle or trailer. Any vehicle with an unsecured load will be tracked on a log sheet. Any vehicle with an unsecured load will pay an unsecured load surcharge. Failure to pay the surcharge will result in access to the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill being denied. 

The fees for unsecured loads are:

  • $10.00 for all loads delivered in light passenger trucks with or without attached trailers, and;
  • $20.00 for all loads delivered in trucks over one (1) tonne.

2500 Highway 10 East Drumheller AB
Telephone: (403) 823-1345 | Fax: (403) 823-1344 

Proper waste disposal is everyone's responsibility! 


We recognize recycling as a valuable effort towards an environmentally sustainable community and as a means to ensure the extended life of our  Regional Landfill.

Recycling refers to the efficient use of waste by converting it to reusable materials.

This seemingly simple concept allows you and your loved ones to ensure a sustainable community future. 

Spearheading this initiative is the Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association.

As one of our most important partners, it organizes, operates, and maintains a waste recycling system for the region and its participating members.

The Association is committed to promoting the benefits in the re-use and recycling of waste products; endorsing recycling as a way to divert waste materials from the landfill.

To contribute to this effort, we would encourage you to properly segregate your waste.

Please refer to this list for the items accepted for recycling:





  • Clean & dry, corrugated boxes. Kindly refrain from submitting waxed boxes;
  • Please remove plastic liners, wood inserts, packing, and similar materials;
  • All box board ( i.e. cereal, soap or dry food boxes), and;
  • Brown paper bags & brown paper envelopes.


  • Clean & dry newspapers (i.e. T.V. times, and Auto Traders);
  • Any flyers that come with the newspaper may go with the newspaper, and;


  • Glossy magazines with staples;
  • Glossy catalogues, and;
  • Glossy manuals of magazines with a glue or string binding.


  • Any type of computer paper;
  • White bond office paper, loose-leaf, photocopy paper, tablet paper blank or with one color of print;
  • Any color of bond paper, loose-leaf paper, "post it" notes;
  • N.C.R. paper (no carbon required);
  • File folders (with no plastic or metal);
  • Colored and white envelopes with or without windows;
  • Thermal fax paper, and;
  • Birthday, Christmas, Get Well Cards ( Non-glossy, No foil or Plastic).


  • You may rinse the tin cans, remove label and flatten for easier storage and transporting, however it is not necessary for our process;
  • Please do not mix with aluminum or bimetal cans;
  • Metal tops from glass jars are acceptable; however, please be sure to remove plastic or paper seals from inside the lids.
  • Please refrain from including beer caps, bottle caps or canning lids that have plastic or rubber liners.
  • Kindly refrain from including paint cans, aerosol cans, propane tanks, gasoline or fuel containers, batteries or foil products.


  • ALL plastics must be clean and contain no contaminates such as steel handles, or foil seals.
  • All household plastics grades 1-7, excluding Styrofoam.


You may drop-off your recyclables at the following locations:

There are also 40 cardboard bins throughout our community.

These bins are both for commercial and residential use.

The Drumheller Recycling Facility is located at the Drumheller Regional Landfill.


2500 Highway 10 East Drumheller AB 

Telephone: (403) 823-1343 | Fax: (403) 823-1344


Recycle today for a better tomorrow!

Waste receptables multiples

As your partners in business, we are committed to an environmentally sustainable community.

It is undeniable that our Town’s current level of economic growth has brought more success to our community.

Nevertheless, we encourage our businesses to pursue commercial operations suitable for our environmental needs.

As a responsible business owner, knowing about our commercial waste collection service is the first step.

It is our hope that this effective mechanism strengthens our relationship for an even better future for our valley.

The following guidelines must be adhered to in terms of commercial waste collection in Town:

  • For businesses utilizing the Town's cart system, we collect your waste at the designated days and destinations outlined in this map;
  • During these times, your waste should be ready for pick-up by 7 am;
  • Waste bags used must be made of materials capable of bearing the weight of its contents without tearing or breaking when lifted;
  • They must also be securely tied and fastened in such a way that the contents are fully enclosed in the bag before placement inside the waste receptacle;
  • Waste carts must not be filled to a height greater than 5 cm from the top and shall be cleaned out to avoid the build-up of odors;
  • For an efficient service, we wish to remind you to refrain from placing waste receptacles at unsafe, obstructed, or poorly maintained locations; 
  • Waste collectors must be able to have access to the cart without entering onto private property.
  • To encourage recycling, the municipality has a 5-bag limit on commercial waste collection, and; 
  • Commercial Accounts generating over 5 bags of waste per week are required to have a GFL Environmental pick up.
  • The Landfill accepts the following commercially generated wastes:
  • Used oil, oil jugs, and filters;
  • Latex and oil-based paint, and; 
  • Fluorescent bulbs. 

Dropping-off hard to handle waste at the landfill has never been easier.

If you wish to do so, kindly click on this link for more information.

For more information about our Commercial Waste Collection Program, please consult our by-laws or call the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill at (403) 823-1345.

You may also connect with GFL Environmental toll free at 1-866-417-2797.