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We take the protection of private and public property as one of our top priorities.

With this in mind, our community has regulations in place to make sure that our town property is free from defacing marks that threaten the warmth that our community has to offer.

Being knowledgeable of our by-laws regarding this matter means being part of the cause to preserve our community’s beauty.

Graffiti is defined as the application of any substance to a surface on both public and private property.

This includes not only ink and paint but also affixing paper, fabric, or plastic by any adhesive means which does not remove cleanly when pulled away from the applied surface.

It also refers to marking, scratching, etching or other alteration or disfigurement of any surface.

The markings may appear on all kinds of surfaces including, but not limited to, walls, fences, mail boxes, newspaper vending machines, signs, utility boxes, roads, sidewalks and windows.

The Town appreciates members of our community taking part in this valuable endeavor. If you would like to submit a report relating to graffiti, kindly click on this link.

Want to learn more about graffiti-related regulations in our community? Click here for the by-laws on this issue.

For related questions or concerns, please call our by-law officers for assistance at (403) 823-1363, our general Town number at (403) 823-6300, or our Emergency Hotline at (403) 823-2512.



The Town of Drumheller Snow and Ice Removal By-law requires property owners to enable pedestrian traffic, through clearing snow and ice from all sidewalks abutting their property, including businesses.

In cases where a residential or commercial property has frontage on both the front and the rear, snow and ice must be removed from the front sidewalk where the civic address is posted.

Sidewalks must be cleared to bare pavement or cement. Snow and ice removal must be completed within 24 hours after the end of any snowfall.

Although a landlord may pass the task of snow removal on to a tenant, the landowner is ultimately responsible for keeping the sidewalk clear.

Please refrain from moving snow or ice into the street. When possible, kindly shovel snow and ice onto an adjacent boulevard or yard or onto your property.

Seniors or disabled citizens, who may have difficulty clearing their sidewalk, are encouraged to make arrangements with a neighbor or family member.

If they cannot make other arrangements, the Community Services Seniors Coordinator can provide a list of companies or agencies that can provide snow-clearing service for a fee.

If you will be away from your home for more than 24 hours, please arrange for a neighbor, friend, family member, or contractor to care for your home and sidewalk in your absence.

Community Enforcement Officers will pro-actively patrol the Town of Drumheller or where phone or written complaints are received 24 hrs after any snowfall has stopped.

Consequently, the sidewalk in question is inspected. If the sidewalk is in violation of the established by-laws, the following actions will be taken:

  • First offense within a winter: A warning notice is issued to the occupant or owner. 
  • Second and subsequent offenses within a winter: No further notices are issued to the occupant or owner. 

For both instances, we will be sending contractors to remove the snow at the owner's expense if the sidewalk is not shoveled within 24 hours of the warning notice or inspection. 

These charges will be billed to the legal landholder, and if payment is not received the costs are added to the landowner’s taxes.

Payments for tendered by-law tickets may be addressed at Town Hall. All properties and violations are photographed and properly documented.

The Town appreciates citizens taking part in this cause.

If you would like to submit a report relating to sidewalk snow removal, kindly click on this link.

Want to learn more about sidewalk snow removal in our community? Please refer to our by-laws for more information. 

For inquiries, please call our by-law officers for assistance at (403) 823-1363, our general Town number at (403) 823-6300, or our Emergency Hotline at (403) 823-2512.


At the Town of Drumheller, we are committed to preserving the peace in our community.

Having a hard time at night because of a noisy neighbor? This page is exactly where you can find information about noise control.

Noise control refers to the provisions of our Town’s community enforcement policy that aims to minimize unnecessary sound pollution that can disturb both our commercial and residential areas.

These policies have been placed in order to make sure that our Town is safe from irresponsible activities that invade our privacy and encroach on our community members’ well-being.

Our regulations on noise pollution cover a range of activities and are separated by the time of day and area they are committed.

As a general rule for vehicles on Town premises, no person or vehicle shall be allowed to make noise which disturbs another such as, but not limited to:

  • Any loud outcry;
  • Clamor;
  • Music, and;
  • Excessive engine revving.

For residential developments, it is prohibited to operate the following during the night time:

  • A hand land mower;
  • A motorized garden tool;
  • A power tool outside of any building or structure;
  • A toy driven by an internal combustion engine;
  • A snow clearing device, and;
  • A motorized snow or leaf blowing device.

In addition, it is prohibited for persons to load or unload a truck, concrete mixer, or garbage truck in a residential development or within 150 meters of a residential development during the night time.

It is also prohibited to operate outdoor speaker systems on a parcel where a property line is within 150 meters of a residential development at night.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to these regulations, namely:

  • Emergency vehicles;
  • Construction in residential developments during the day time regardless of the requirement of a permit;
  • The use of motorized garden tools in residential developments during the day;
  • Work on a public utility carried out privately or publicly;
  • The activities of a valid permit holder, and;
  • Any activity within the sole jurisdiction of the Government of Canada or the Province of Alberta.

For events that may cause noise, you may make a written application to our By-law Enforcement Officers. 

To report a problem related to noise control, you may submit it online through this link

For more information, please click here for a copy of the by-law or call (403) 823-1363. 


We understand that our harmonious community thrives through the implementation of regulations that account for the general interest.

One of the ways through which this is made evident is the use of scarce resources to our community’s advantage.

Mundane or harmless as it may seem, parking is a major issue in places of high traffic that must be managed to facilitate commerce and industry.

In line with this, our By-law officers provide regular foot patrol for the downtown and business areas.

This ensures that all visitors to our downtown are provided a fair opportunity to access the limited parking available.

Our community enforcement personnel also conduncts random patrols in predetermined areas to ensure compliance with regulations.

When violations are detected, violation notices will be issued.

Our Traffic By-law regulates the many traffic issues in Drumheller including parking infractions such as:

  • Park over permitted time limit;
  • Park within 5 metres of a fire hydrant, crosswalk or intersection;
  • Park in fire lane;
  • Park in disabled parking stall without permit;
  • Improperly displayed permits;
  • Park obstructing a driveway;
  • Park in no parking areas;
  • Park in laneways, public utility lanes or other municipal property;
  • Driving off roadways, and;
  • Failure to obey regulatory signs.

For your convenience we have several options available to pay your notice.

We can accept payment by mail,  or in person at the Drumheller Town Hall.

Should you choose not to pay your notice on time, Provincial Court proceedings may be taken to enforce the payment of compensation.

We encourage you to take part in keeping our town organized and our facilities accessible for all.

If you would like to submit a report relating to parking control, kindly click on this link.

Want to learn more about parking in our community? Kindly refer to the designated by-laws for more details.

For further information, please call (403) 823-1363, (403) 823-6300, or (403) 823-2512.