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Community Opportunities

nacmineNacmine is a vibrant growing community with the construction of fine new homes and young families moving in. This is a far cry from 50 years ago when there was no gas, water or sewer in the community. At that time Nacmine was not foresight of the community leaders working with the M.D.,the gas, water and sewer were brought into the community.

How did this happen? Through volunteers. Volunteers brought in and upgraded the Community Hall, built the Skating Rink, the Playground and the Ball Diamond/Campground.


The community is always in need of volunteers for our regular fundraisers:

  • Bingo every Monday evening from September through to June.
  • Pancake Breakfasts the third Sunday of every month from September through to June.


Volunteers are also needed to:

  • Cut the grass - If you see the grass at the hall is in need of cutting you will not get in trouble if you grab your lawn mower and cut it. It will only take about 15 minutes.
  • Clear the snow - If there is a snowfall take the time to clean the sidewalk at the hall or clean the snow a the skating rink.
  • Pull weeds - If you see weeds growing around the playground, skating rink or hall you will not be in trouble if you pull them out.
  • Pick up litter - If you are out for a walk, take a plastic bag and pick up any litter you come accross.


By volunteering and taking pride in our community we make it a pleasant place to live.

Contacts: Jim Decore, President 403.823.4036 or Bob Komarnisky, Vice President 403.8236213

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