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Water services in the Town of Drumheller include the management and administration of both potable and waste water in our valley.

The pricing of water is calculated to cover costs and create a reserve for maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Water bills include both water use and sewage costs. Sewage is charged at 80% of whole year usage and not 100% because it is understood that not all water used goes through the sewer system and is used as drinking water.

Consumption is measured in cubic meters. We read the water meter every month around the 30th . 

Water is charged at $1.8775 per cubic meter

Sewer is charged at 80% consumption year round at $2.1453

All accounts are subject to a penalty of 2% per month compounded monthly (effective rate of 26.82% per annum) if unpaid within thirty (30) days from the date the account is rendered.

NOTE: If the water supply has been disconnected for non-payment of accounts, all fees and costs must be paid prior to reconnection.

Disconnection notice service fee $25.00

Reconnection/Disconnection during business hours $50.00

Reconnenction/Disconnection during non-business hours $150.00 

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